Thursday, February 28, 2013

All the single ladies.

I shared this picture on Facebook last year and it got over 8,000 shares so I think it's safe to say the words of this picture are true.

I teach small group on Wednesday nights and we just got finished doing a Bible Study called "True Princess." It was SO eye-opening and had so many truths in it that as women and girls of God we need to know. It talks about how today's generation is totally obsessed with being "princesses" of God but not in the way God intended. Too many girls KNOW that they are valuable but they use it as "bait."

As a princess of God, our position is to be SERVANT LEADERS. We are a princess in the respect that our Father is the KING of KINGS but we should NOT be parading around expecting everyone to like us and be like us. We are not suppose to act like we are better than others or that we are above anyone. Being last is better than being first. :)

As a single girl or woman, we are to be in constant prayer. For everyone and about everything. If there is a desire in your heart to be married, I TOTALLY believe that the Lord will bless you with a marriage.
I'm not a marriage expert or relationship expert (Obvs.) but I do love the Lord and when we are in a relationship with him, I believe he teaches and prepares our hearts to be in a relationship. I tell people all the time I think it's better to be single and constantly improving yourself than being in a relationship with the wrong person. You can have the right feelings at the wrong time if you are not seeking the Lord and his will for your life.

I've also known people who stay in relationships because they "can't" be single. You totally can. And if you think you can't, you probably should be. Don't settle for any less than God's best for you.

Have standards. You can't have "too high" standards. There are PLENTY of GOOD and HONORABLE and RESPECTFUL men out there who are praying for you. The good men need more credit, too. There are plenty of tools, of course, but there are plenty of girls who are just the same.

A lady is to be graceful, respectful, kind, patient, and helpful. All of these qualities are attractive as a single lady and more attractive as a married lady. The season of singleness is a season that you can serve and love God like you can't once you're married. Not that you don't love God once you're married, but you have way more obligations and responsibilites. Don't regret not being married while you are single. Serve and serve and serve. I don't want to search for a man.

I'm not looking. I'm following God to the person he has for me. And the more I protect my heart and purity, the better marriage I will have. I can't wait to be blessed with a man (and hopefully a blessing to him as well) and love like I never have before. It will be awesome and it will be worth the wait. And you are worth it.

Can't wait to meet my husband! In the meantime, I'm going to pray like I'm going to meet him tomorrow. And when the time comes, y'all can all come to my wedding. It will be totes presh. And it will be worth it!! :)

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