Monday, February 25, 2013

Anthro/Shabby Chic Inspired Bedding

I've grown up with a dad who is a builder. Our house has ALWAYS been what he takes the most pride in. And rightfully so, he built it from the ground up. We were NEVER allowed to paint our bedrooms a crazy color growing up because we moved too often and dad likes CRISP and CLEAN colors.

I guess I got that from him.

When I decide to be a for real grown up and move out, I want EVERYTHING in my house to be white. Everything. The walls, the furniture, the bedding, the pictures on the wall, the towels, etc. etc. I just think white is an easy, clean, fun color. I also like greys and MAYBE pale yellows to throw in that mix. I also want DARK floors and cabinets. I don't know why, just my style!

Anyways, I first saw this Antrho bedding last September and fell in LOVE with it.

I already had a shabby chic comforter much like this one but saw several other posts like the one below on Pinterest with a quilt added.

So, around Christmas time I became obsessed with finding a white quilt to put on my bed with some more white pillows.
I LOVE PILLOWS. I seriously sleep with like 9 (you can do that when you're not snuggling up next to a hot husband, I'll be MORE than happy to reduce my pillow quantity for a husband). :)
Anyways, I looked around and found the PERFECT Ralph Lauren quilt at TJ MAXX.
Retail Sticker: $279.99
TJ MAXX Sticker: $56.99
I'll let you do the math. I bought it that day.
Then, I went to Belk and found some fluffy pillowcases on CLEARANCE for $2.99 a piece that are I swear the exact replicas of Shabby Chic.
Here is my bedding so far.
I'm still looking for maybe a white and 2 gray accent pillows to fluff it up a little more.
What do you think?

Happy Monday!!


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