Tuesday, February 26, 2013

God HAS to be a country music fan.

Catchy title, huh? :)

Well, on my way home tonight the new Thompson Square song and the chorus goes like the following:

This life would kill me if I didn't have you
Couldn't live without you, baby, I wouldn't want to
If you didn't love me so much, I'd never make it through
'Cause this life would kill me, this life would kill me if I didn't have you

Pretty powerful lyrics, right? I had just left my anatomy class after a VERY hard practicum and was so upset. I studied for a good 5 hours and left feeling so unaccomplished. That's normally my story. I OVERSTUDY and then can't remember the simple stuff like ribs protect your heart. Ugh.

I have been in nursing school for approximately 7 weeks. And at least twice a week, I want to quit. Not because I don't like the material, because I do. And not because I want to be rich, etc. I feel like my entire life is suppose to be helping others and I think God placed being a nurse on my life! :) Anyways, test after test (even when I KNOW I did good), I still doubt. I'll still go sit and my car and talk to God the whole way to work about it. I have a back up plan, ya know, in case being a nurse doesn't work out. I want to be an ice cream truck driver. Nice, huh?

And then, as I sit there and whine and COMPLAIN, I KNOW Jesus is just sitting there waiting to get a word in. Then, when I decide to listen, it all gets SO CLEAR.

I don't trust enough. Oh yeah, I can PREACH the WORDS to everyone else but hardly ever do it myself. Really. Someone is sick and I'll say "Oh, I believe in Jesus name that they are healed, etc. etc." And I DO BELIEVE. I do. But in some sort of twisted thinking, I feel like I can only trust Jesus with everybody's elses life but NOT with my own. Not when I have it all "figured" out, right??

Ha! This is why I have weekly melt downs and cry fests, I DON'T BELIEVE. I mean, I do, but not near to the extent that the Lord calls us to.

Back to the lyrics. I think that is this is totally my new prayer to the Lord. Right? I recognized (through a country music song) that this LIFE would LITERALLY KILL me without Jesus. I have Jesus in my heart, so anatomy and pharm and health assessment won't and can't kill me. I HAVE JESUS. And, if I didn't know deep down the Jesus loved me as much as he does, I would've thrown in the towel a LONG. TIME. AGO.

Isn't it funny how a song that is talking about earthly relationships describes our relationship with CHRIST? I couldn't live without Jesus. I don't want to live without Jesus. So, through speaking these lyrics to Jesus, I'm learning to trust him. And I think others need to as well.

You're sick? You're depressed? Someone hurt you? Someone doesn't notice you? Trust God. Give it to him. It's so freeing to realize that we serve a God who is always holding us. We can't and won't fall with him holding us. So, TRUST. GOD.



Happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. So so true! So many times I come across a country song that totally speaks to me from Jesus or sometimes what my heart says to Jesus. Its a beautiful thing ! God can use anything (: yes yes...also it us so much easier to believe for and with others than self...just like its easier to see the good\bad in others before self..more so in hopes the good than the bad (: though God already knew about that too so He desires the body of Christ to believe with each other and encourage each other and pay for each other believing for Gods move and glory! When two or more are gathered in His name...yes!