Sunday, February 24, 2013

She's a good girl.

...loves her Momma, loves Jesus and America, too.

This is a familiar song, right? It plays about every 49 minutes on 106.9 The Eagle which means I hear it approximately 12 times a day when I am at work because that is what the vet I work for likes to listen to. :)

I never really listened to the lyrics before until a few weeks ago and that one line stood out.

"She's a good girl, loves her momma, loves Jesus and America too."

This describes me to a TEE! I LOVE my momma (and daddy), I LOVE JESUS, and I am about as Republican as you can get. Sorry if that offends you but I'm pretty sure Jesus would be a Republican. And being American is just Republican to me (again, sorry!) :)

Anyways, I'm a "good girl," too.

I'm the one "lame" girl in highschool who didn't drink at prom and that resulted in NO ONE sitting with me or talking to me the last month and a half of school. Whatevs. I was too lame to care! Ha!
Anyways, I've been OBSESSED with Facebook since Ciara Caffee posted on my wall in April 2008 telling me Happy Easter. When I went off to college my statuses were ALL about Huntingdon football, dorm life, PHI MU (LIOB!) and the cute guy that I was in love with. Ha!

Well, over the next few years as my relationship with Christ grew into something more than being a "good girl," people would message literally everyday saying thank you for posting a status, song lyric, etc. It was then that I realized, I'm not the prettiest, the smartest or the coolest BUT I am good at listening to God and realizing people's worth (especially girls, because, duh, I am one!)

I would and still do post anything and everything God laid on my heart about singleness, any cute quote or lyric I heard and Bible verses. People would be shocked that I'm 23 and still single. Not because I'm drop dead gorgeous (because I'm not, I'm pretty plain!) but because I wasn't afraid of telling people it was okay to break up with someone for only wanting sex.

Hey, someone has to do it. And if every other "good girl" out there would encourage all her single friends a little more, we'd probably have a lot more proposals and a lot less divorce.

I know that I am single for a purpose. I don't want to sit around and waste my single years wishing I was married and then get married and wish I was single. And I don't want you to either. Being single is more than "looking" for a soulmate. As girl, we aren't suppose to look. We are suppose to wait. Wait and FOLLOW.

I KNOW that the Lord will bless me with a relationship when he is at a place where he can trust me with someone else's heart forever. I don't intend on divorcing so I am FINE with waiting until the Lord is through working on my heart. Just think, everyday you are single, God is working on your super hot husband to be as well.

BE ENCOURAGED! The Lord has plenty of single men he is ready to send your way when YOU ARE READY.

Happy Sunday Single Ladies! :)

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