Saturday, March 2, 2013

A few of my favorite things. {Make-up Edition}

Hey y'all. I am loving blogging so far and so grateful for almost hitting 1,000 views in a week. I LOVE all things beauty and fashion and am linking up with other blogs and our post this week is our favorite make-up items. I am very low key and on an everyday basis normally walk out with mascara and eyeliner. I usually never get bumps but I do have normally rosy cheeks so I don't use any blush, just a sheer mineral powder. Hope y'all enjoy. Let me know what your favorite beauty items are. :)
I recently read a review on this Cynthia Rowley eyelash curler and then scored one at TJ Maxx for $9. The "emi-jay" style hair ties I made myself. I actually made 40! And if you are reading this and wanted some, remind me that you did because I have made plenty to supply you all with!

I am Emily Maynard's biggest fan. I LOVED her on The Bachelorette and love her style and look. She did a twitter Q&A during her season and recommended this Mineral powder from MAC because she said she had natural rosy skin (so do I!) :) This is MAC eyeshadow called "All That Glitters." It looks SO natural but does have the smallest amount of shimmer.

I have always just used Johnson's and Johnson's baby bath and a rag to wash my face but read a review about this Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner and how it was suppose to make your skin super soft. Lauren Conrad recommened (I'm also a big fan of her) so I tried it. You just swipe it all over your face before moisturizing. It smells AMAZE and really does make my skin feel softer. I have dry skin and this Mary Kay moisturizer is what I've found works best!

This is just all of the pieces on display. The mascara is Merle Norman "thickening" mascara. My eyelashes are long enough for my liking but not always as full as I'd like. I'm not a big fan of the wand of this mascara but this is the first time I've given Merle Norman a try. I know several friends who use them and love the appearance of their eyelashes. If you have a recommendation on mascara, PLEASE let me know. I also have MAC VIVA V lipstick. I only wear this if I'm going out with friends or feeling fancy, it's more like a gloss than a lipstick.
What are your favorites? Let me know!

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