Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bringing Faith to Life.

I started a blog because I'm super fun and have the coolest life ever and want to spend every spare moment blogging.


I started blogging because I like writing. I normally have a lot to say. And, instead of talking to a brick wall, I decided to start talking to an online brick wall that occasionally other people run into to. And when you run into my brick wall, I like that you may like what I have to say.

This is another Link Up post about bringing faith to everyday life.

I love Jesus. A lot. A whole lot. And I probably sin more than others but I ask for forgiveness and Jesus still loves me. And so everything is okay in the world when I know that. Bringing faith to everyday life is important. I teach three classes at our small southern Baptist church and I love it. So, whether I want to or not, I HAVE to bring my faith to life at LEAST on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Kidding. We need to bring our faith to life EVERY day. And it's probably a lot simpler than you thought.

1. I wrote on a sticky note, "Smile, Jesus loves you" and put it on my ceiling. That's right, ladies and gents, on my ceiling. Right above my head so the first thing I'll see every morning is that. That Jesus loves me. It's makes my days a little better just by looking at it. (Except last Friday when I was late and didn't look at it before I got out of bed. That made for a bad Friday. And it's hard to have a bad Friday!)

2. I have this picture on my phone that I set as my lock screen everynight that say "Put the phone down, open the Bible, then check your stuff." Ha! I found it on Pinterest and it works for me. So, every morning after seeing that Jesus loves me I put the phone down and open my Bible and open my devotion book and read! Even if it is 2 verses, it's getting the word in me! And that makes for a great day.

3. I like to pray because I like to talk. I need to focus on how to not be so quick to pray and talk and better about pray and listen. But, I use any opportunity I can to pray. In the car, that's my place.

4. I try to be a good example. I want the kids and youth I teach to respect me. I have to give them something to respect. I think having the responsibility of teaching makes me a better person because I'm more aware of my actions. I love when people call me out on things I'm not doing so good on because that's how we learn.

5. I am super involved with my church. If the doors are open, I am there. : ) If you need a church, come with me!!

How do YOU bring your faith to life?

Happy Tuesday.

And y'all CANNOT miss tomorrow's post. EEKK. Cannot wait!


  1. Whoah. I like you, I like this... alot. Funny people that love Jesus. sold.

  2. I agree with Courtney, laughter is the way to my heart! love this! thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so funny! Love this and loved that you linked up with us!!! Come back!!!