Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey lovelies heyyyy!!

I know, I know. Y'all missed me SO much yesterday.

Sorry, I was busy telling people what I believe and they were busy being complete idiots back to me.

So is life.

Well, I feel like my life is currently super boring but when I saw Randalin's new link up called "Currently," I realized that I'm currently doing a lot. And  I figured you all wanted to know, so there's that.

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So, currently, I am:

1. Currently (like, as of 5 minutes ago currently) switching from left alignment to center. I lerve center alignment. So, everyone, please, welcome center alignment to le blog.

2. Currently, I am writing this blog spot instead of studying exactly 117 muscles in the human body that I have to know by 5:00 PM tomorrow night AFTER attending clinicals from 8-3 PM.

3. This is currently making me stressed out.

4. I am also currently being impatient waiting on the new Duck Dynasty episode to start in 9 whole minutes.

I see ya Willie and Jase. Presh boys.

5. I am also currently SO HAPPY about said clinicals (as mentioned earlier). Beside the HIDS white shoes we get to sport, I'll be at THE HOSPITAL. Ya know, where the hotties I call future husband doctors are. Just another day in the life, y'all.

6. I am currently super excited about seeing my besties Friday night. I figured I needed to see them one more time before summer (bc that is how pathetic I've become. Thanks nursing school!) Anyways, I really am so excited and cannot wait. Just wait for Saturday, you'll get to see their hot faces. My friends are all supermodels. (Still not sure why they will be seen in public with me?) Ha!

7. I am also currently excited about EASTER on Sunday!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Jesus living is the best ever. Cute family portraits are fun, too. I'm looking at you, pops.

8. I am currently OBSESSED with the Florida-Georgia Line/Nelly Remix of Cruise.

I would link y'all up, but it's not available ANYWHERE yet except the radioooo.
9. I'm currently smelling the wonderful smell of pancakes and bacon because mommy dearest fixed breakfast for dinner. I promise one day when I'm grown and living not under their roof, I'll still make her come over and fix her breakfast. YUM.
10. And lastly, I'm currently wishing my older sister, Adrian, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She's 25, an old lady!!! ;)
She's in the back. Cute, huh? Easy to see how she created perfect child!! :)
What's everybody else currently doing?


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  1. Breakfast for dinner is the BEST!!! I read that and I actually went "ohhhh!" out loud and got so excited for you!