Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend.

Up from the grave He arose!!!!
That's my favorite Easter lyric. Like, ever.
Too bad I didn't get to sing it today because I was in the nursery. That's okay.
Well, since this is a weekend recap, I'm also putting extra focus on today because of all the Easter festivities.
Let's recap, shall we?
FRIDAY:I had clinicals from 8-3 on Friday. I was, fortunately, stuck in an elevator with a hot doctor on Thursday and lo and behold I was paired with a hot murse on Friday. So, naturally, the day flew by. Ha.
I don't know what it is about Alabama drivers, but we all suck. I include myself in this because I'm either going too fast or too slow myself. As a state, we are probably the suckiest drivers in the world. Which led to this lovely drive home. What was suppose to take 25 mins MAX took 1 hr 45 mins.

But, it all got better when I got to see not only one but (a surprise) two of my besties!!!! We went to where every smart girl goes, CHUYS!! Holla.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I was suppose to be Mexican.

Delish, right? Right. I loved the food but I LOVED the company better. For real, I think I have the best friends.
(No friend pics because none of the friends wanted one. Ha. It was a long day for us all! Maybe next time! :] )
Anywayssss, Saturday was Easter Egg Hunt!!! Whoop whoop.
Perfect Child Ava Claire had a blast. She was so nice, she even stole an egg from an older child. So sweet. ;)


It was so much fun. Jessica did a fabulous job getting everything together. I cut up the fruit for fruit pizzas so that counts for something, right. The above picture is my attempt at a bunny fruit pizza. I'm not an artist. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Yay for Easter! I love Easter. I love Jesus. I love the story of Easter. I love everything about it. We talked about, of course, Jesus arising today in Sunday School. For my students to only be 9-11, they sure are smart! I love that they love Jesus so much! Makes my heart SO happy!!
I'm still trying to figure out why momma dearest ALWAYS volunteers our house for gatherings as such. I love being at my own house but I HATE CLEANING every nook and cranny because it has to be spotless. I mean, I'm a clean freak, but they're family. If they don't accept our messiness, what is the world coming to, right? Ha. We ate and ate and then ate some more.
I loved seeing my grandparents and aunt and uncle. I have the best family, hands down. I aslo have a super cute cousin, Tarayn and her husband, Paul and sweet daughter, Evia Gray came! Woo hoo.
Tarayn blogs here but she hasn't in a while. Y'all should go over to her blog and tell her to blog more. She's fun and cool like me. Except she's always super cute. And we didn't take a picture.
The rest of us, however, did take pictures and a lot of them. If you follow me on Insta, you've already seen a TON so I'll just post a few here.
My cute momma!

Perfect Child, no caption necessary!

 My little younger brother
My Biffle Lauren

The whole gangggg minus pops and mother, I took a pic of them but can't find it now.
So is life.
The most important thing about today is that JESUS is ALIVE!! A lot of Christians, myself included, seem to get caught up in discussions and arguments that are ultimately a waste of time. I know I love God. And I know I believe in the Bible. I'll leave you with the following quote that describes my feelings towards that. HAPPY EASTER LOVELIES!!
"I am a Christian and I don't want to force it down your throat, but MAN, are you missing out without Jesus in your life!"

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