Saturday, March 9, 2013

Link Up:Tell Us About Your Family. {AKA Ava Claire}

I know that I talk about my niece, Ava Claire, probably more than anyone talks about their niece BUT this post has a for real valid reason for doing so. If you read, then you know that every Friday she does a link up with other blogs and there is always a theme. This week was about Show Us Your Life-Tell Us About Your Nieces, etc. I, of course, choose Ava.

I really don't think I can have children because of Ava. She's perfect and has ruined my want for children. Oh well, maybe being an aunt is cool enough. :)
Here are a BUNCH of pictures, probably not in chronological order but excuse that. I've been sick (aka feeling like death) for the past few days and just now are starting to feel a little better.

Enjoy, but be warned. If you scroll farther, you'll probably be obsessed, too.

Ps, don't worry. Her mother is okay with me publicizing her as often as I do. Sorry if you are not okay with it. Bye.


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  1. That's how I am with my niece, too! Lots of pictures and the idea that she is just perfect is too much to handle! She's adorable!