Monday, March 11, 2013

Manic Monday

Y'all. I love Mondays. And I love Daylight Savings Time. How could you not like it? The sun stays out longer and that means that warmer weather is just around the corner! It makes me so happy!!

Anyways, today was a gloomy Monday. And while I had a three hour lecture on wound care (I dare you to google stage 4 pressure sore if you're a real MAN, which, of course, you're not, so don't) I probably dozed off exactly 12 times. It is so hard to stay awake for three hours straight when it's gloomy outside and it's just a gloomy topic.


Our instructor let us out at 11:48 today. Count that. 12 minutes early. HECK. YES.

Wanna know what I did with that extra 12 minutes?



I did however spend a glorious afternoon with the sibs (short for siblings, catch on quick ladies) and my perfect niece. We decided to make cupcakes for the BACHELOR finale (team no one, I'm not a fan of either of the girls remaining!) Ava was real involved. It went like this...

Then, we decided to make guac.

Then, the best part of today happened. I'm doing a series called "Empowering Women" during March. Each Wednesday I'll feature a different woman who I think makes women as a species look good! I am so excited to have Dee Dee Bonner (AJ McCarron's Momma) this week and this sweet lady next week! Stay tuned! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll ask them your questions!! : )
Happy Monday Lovelies!

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