Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nine Things I Won't Change My Mind On.

Hey lovelies. Well, our empowering women Wednesday will be posted later on but today I'm linking up here to dicuss nine things I won't change my mind on. So, here goes nothing.

1. Onions. Need I say more. I think I've beaten this one in the ground. They're gross.

2. Dreams. I'll never train my brain to unremember my dreams. Thanks to C.Spurg in high school for training us to remember our dreams, I CANNOT forget my dreams. It's a curse really. I remember that Sean Lowe was wearing grey slacks on our first date in real life in my dream. I vividly remember the re-occuring hell dream, too. Dreams can be scary, kids.

3. Jesus. I need Jesus. I know I'm not perfect. But, I'm close. JK. No where near it. But instead of getting caught up in all the little details of life of what we NEED, we really only need Him.

4. Iphone. I was team blackberry FOR.EV.ER. I even bought an Iphone and then went BACK to a BB. Then, there was the brief relationship with the Driod. Just don't. Don't ever get in a relationship with a Driod. Anyhoo, I came back to team Iphone last year. I'm in love. I mostly wish my Iphone was a real life Ivan or Igor and we could date. For reals.

5. Twitter. This is a recent. I am obsessed with Twitter. Facebook is fun for three things: to spy on all the people you went to high school with, to spy on people with ugly babies (JK, no ugly babies, not on my TL), and to spy on the guy you're obsessed with (and his finance, too dang bad she's private). Anyways, that's all FB is good for. Being nosy. Twitter is where you find out life events that are happening. Events that matter. Events like what time Luke Bryan goes to bed and what day the new JCrew line comes out. And that's all that really matters in the world, right? Whatevs. Follow me on Twitter if you're a fan.

6. Alabama Football. That's all that needs to be said about that. God bless Nick Saban. And Roll Tide.
7. Luke Bryan. As in, the hottest man in the world. If you disagree, automatic time out for you.
8. McDonalds Coke. It's better than any other place in the world. Don't even argue. You know it's true.
9. Family. Simply put, without family, there is no fun in life. I have three sisters and a brother and a brother in law and a mama and daddy who love me (most days). But, I love them everyday. :) See how nice I am? Ha. And, of course, perfect child has to take the cake. Or cupcake of this challenge. Cupcakes are sweet. Ava Claire is sweeter.
You just got a little jealous she isn't yours, didn't you.
HAPPY WEDNESDAY! (I'm aware this was a Tuesday link-up but I'm too awesome to not do this list. Disclaimer over. That's a 10-4.)

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