Monday, March 11, 2013

Rules of Ladies.

Okay, I was going to just post once today but I've seen exactly 14 tweets/facebook statuses from GIRLS that makes me ashamed to be one.

Case in point. If one of these is you, shame on you.

"I can't wait for the #$@% weekend. I'm going to get so wasted."

"Vodka gets me. I get vodka."

"My math teacher is a (#*$&#@ idiot. I mean, come on lady, we are NEVER going to use this #(&% ever again."

"Girls who says they need boys need to grow a pair. The only people who need in your life are the ones that pick you up when you're drunk, )((#$&#($#."

Classy, right?

Girls, this is not okay.

It's not okay to get wasted.
It's not okay to disrespect your teachers.
It's not okay to disrespect men. Or anyone.

There are so many girls that are under the age of 18 that I see on Facebook and Twitter living for the weekends. Living for getting drunk. Living for having sex. This is not the way we are suppose to live.

As a woman, you and I possess something pure and special. We are women because we are kind and nuturing and helpful. If women aren't exuding these qualities, who is? That's right. No one.

And that is not okay. It's not old fashioned to be a lady. It's fashionable to be a lady. A lady that doesn't command or expect but a lady who helps and gives. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who owns her character, who is funny, who is helpful, who is intelligent.

That is why I'm so passionate about being a very "single" single person. I want a marriage more than anything in the world BUT I am not going to let myself turn into some easy girl because I want a marriage. I want a proper marriage and I want respect. I also know I have to be someone who is respectable if I want respect.

You should, too.

Be a lady, it's real fun.
Lipgloss and purses are a great bonus! :)

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