Friday, March 15, 2013

Show Us Your Life {Favorite Vacation Spot}

Hey Y'all!! Today on there is a new link up about our favorite vacay spots.

I love this a little. I love this a lot. Because I love traveling. I am a total believer of the philosphy "I'd rather live within my means and travel outside of them instead of living outside my means and traveling inside them."

Translation= I'd rather live in a small house and travel all the time than live in a huge house and hardly ever travel. I don't get this from my father, that's for sure. He's a builder and he hates traveling. I don't know why. Maybe because he had five kids. Not my prob. But, moving on.

Disclaimer: He does take us to the mountains and the beach and once to Colorado and once to Mexico so I like that about him.

Anyways, last summer, for graduation, my grandparents took my sister and I to Calabash, NC for a week long trip. It was okay. It was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. It was so fun. My grandparents must be where I inherited the travel bug. They are always traveling. I LOVE that. I LOVE them. And I LOVE that about them. They are the best. So funny and so sweet to take us. So, we made the 10 hour trip to Calabash, NC and then to Wilmington and South Port {We were totes there the same time Julianne and Josh were filming Safe Haven}. I'm awesome. I know. Send all autographs requests to the address below. Back to what this is about. Calabash.

I mean, look at our hizzouse. Amaze.

We got to eat at the BEST local places where I got the following {every meal, at every place, because it was THAT good}: flounder, shrimp, and HUSHPUPPIES. I may like be in love with the hushpuppies. Costal food trumps Florida food, to me, anways. This was the kind of views we saw!

My grandparents>your grandparents. Sorry I'm not sorry bout it.
My sister, me, and my grandmomma. So fun!

The amazing beaches. The thing I like about NC versus Florida, too, is that there are lots of little beaches in surrounding cities. So, we went to different beaches. Our favorite was Ocean Isle, NC. SO pretty.

I've been cursed blessed with a grandfather that LOVES ice cream. Because, by default, we had so much good, homemade ice cream on this trip. A to the MEN. Amen.


Another view of Ocean Isle. Easy to see why we loved it!

Isn't this view of the town breathtaking. I left a letter in one of the mailboxes telling the owner if they ever want to sell the house to let me know.
He hasn't called. Yet.

The town of Calabash had a TERRIFIC 4th celebration. It was so fun! We brought blankets and chairs and listened to fun people sang, ate a few hot dogs, took a couple pics, ya know...the whole shebang.
Mrytle Beach is about 20 minutes away at the most. We spent a night out at Mrtyle beach and rode the farris wheel. So fun.

We went to Oak Island one day and saw this lighthouse. Checked off my bucket list.
We spent a day in Wilmington and saw a lot of fun sites. Wilmington is PACKED with history and was so beautiful.

We took a river boat cruise one day and met up with some friends vacaying there.
Look familiar? The house from A Walk to Remember.
As you can see from this post, we had fun. And this isn't even a fourth of my pictures. It was fun. And we came home tired. I'm so thankful for grandparents who encourage my traveling bones. Love them. Love y'all.
Happy Friday!! What's your favorite vacay spot?

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  1. Very nice places. And I think this is the place I want to go. So thank you for letting us know this one.