Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sundays w/ Jesus.

We all know I'm still super new to blogging. It's like a super long facebook status for me. And, I like that. I've found a few really good blogs with sweet girls and families that I'll be featuring once a week in April. And also, continuing this week is Empowering Women March with another amazingly empowering and beautiful woman. Don't miss it! And coming up, finally, is an interview with People Water. (Think Jef Holms, Bachelorette...) That's right. Yours truly scored an interview with the company. I love the product, I love the concept, and I love the incredibly attractive man who thought it up. So don't miss that either.
Whew. While blog surfing, I've seen several blogs that have daily themes. Mondays are "_____", Tuedays are "___________" and so on. I have a feature each Wednesday that will deal with the month theme. This month is Empowering Women. Next month is Empowering Products.

Anyhoos, since I love Jesus and I always go to church on Sunday, I figured that Sundays would be appropriately titled "Sunday's with Jesus." Because, well, that's what I do on Sundays. I teach Sunday School class with a room full of sweet girls that are 1st-4th grade. I also teach Discipleship Training on Sunday nights. I teach the youth group and LOVE it. They're loud and obnoxious, but I guess I am too, so we get along.

We are doing a study on James right now and how to deal with trials, temptations, gossip and anger. Tonight's lesson was great!! I think I'm learning more than they are. Ha!
Being humble helps us accept and obey what God says in His word. When we are humble, we quickly seek help from God rather than trusting in our own abilities. In true humility, we don't have low self esteem, we are just not overly occupied with ourselves. We don't have to worry about making ourselves first and shooting others down to gain approval. Some people think that meekness and humility equal weakness. This is NOT true. Jesus is the perfect example. He was courageous and bold. He was humble but not cowardly. He DIED on a CROSS. That takes courage!
I love talking about Jesus and I love learning about how to better myself. I want to talk to Jesus a ton in heaven but not explaining my bad behavior. I want to explain to him how I showed him to others.
Sunday is the most fun day. Family. Friends. Jesus.
I'm baptist. And any occasion to eat, we do. So, today, we ate. And we are next week after a singing and I hear the bass player is CAAAUUTEEE (translation=cute). So, fingers crossed ladies and gents.
I had children's church today. They're all so sweet. There is a particular little disciple that gives me heart eyes. Ava Claire, everyone.
And, since we like eating, a little church ice cream social after church tonight. :)

Happy Sunday y'all.
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