Saturday, March 9, 2013

TAGGED. Five Things About Me.

I am REALLY loving blogging. Sorry for the 3 posts in one day but since death (aka strep) was knocking on the door for the past few days, I needed to catch up. I'm slowly starting to figure out how to follow and friend people on google plus. If you are on here, PLEASE add me! I'll accept, add back, however you work this. Ha! Anyways, I was tagged today for 5 things about me. Here goes! What's five things about you? Comment or post a blog and let me know!

1. I am in school to be a nurse. I want to quit everyday. But, I want to be a nurse so I won't. I think that God will reward me by not dropping hot with a super hot doctor husband and we will live happily ever after. (I'm REALLY counting on this one, Lord!) :)

2. I LOVE fashion. Especially monogrammed things, big sweaters, boots, pearls, layers and southern style. Not REDNECK. Southern.

3. I hate onions. I hate onions. I hate onions. Moving on.

4. I have the BEST family in the world.

5. I need my own reality show. I'm pretty fun.


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