Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The facts about me.

I recently read a post on Whitney's blog about fun facts about her! She mentions in the first paragraph that she is a nosy blogger.

Shut the door.

So am I.

I'm kind of all around nosy. I like to be in the know and I lerve when people post about me sections on blogs. Back in the myspace era, I would literally spend hours doing and reading those survey bulletins that we all posted.

Seriously, knowing what my high school crush ate for dinner really DID make me sleep better. Whatevs.

So, I got the idea to let those of y'all that actually read this (bless your heart), a little more about me.

Here we go!

PS, I know I'm not the cutest pumpkin in the patch but it's, like, a cardinal rule you post a picture of yourself for this sort of post. Close your eyes and scroll on if you need to! :)

Glad that's over.

1. There is nothing in the entire world that I loathe more than onions. They are hands down the most disgusting food on planet earth. Or any planet for that matter. Gross.

2. I am obsessed with Duck Dynasty. For reals. If you look like Willie or Jase, hit me up. Heck, I'd even pay attention to you if you poke me on Facebook looking like them. So cute. So obsessed with that show.

3. I got spanked more the my siblings when we were little. They will all tell you that it was because I was the worst and I was. However, I don't believe that warrants more beatings than others. Hello, if you spank one, you spank all. (Really, how could I fight with myself? Let that sink in Popsicles.)

4. I will get obsessed with a movie to the point where I'll literally spend $100 go to the movies watching it. Footloose? I went nine times. The lastest victim of my wallet. SAFE HAVEN. OMG. Four times. It's amazing.

5. My dream job is to be a professional blogger, boutique owner, and party planner. Seeriousllyyy, my party plan skills, off the chain.
6. I am an impulse buyer. The $468 Marc Jacob purse with the tag still on it. The $500 Frye boots from Footlosse. The $200 Viktor and Rolf perfume. The list goes on. Also, if you are interested in these items, call me.
7. I don't like double ear piercings. I like one hole in each ear. You know, normalcy. I also don't like girls who act dumb, let a guy dictate who they can/can't be friends with and girls who give up their dreams for boys. Unless, of course, Luke Bryan is your dream and he's knocking on the door to marry you. Then, give up those dreams, girls!
8. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm not famous. I'm funny, entertaining, and loud. I mean, that's what makes up 96% of celebrities anyways, right? Oh, and I instragram photos of my dog and dinner. Seriously, where is my agent?
9. I'm pretty set on not having kids for two reasons. Number one: I'll probs be 30 before I find a man who likes me (weirdness and all). Number two: perfect child. Thanks sister and bro-in-law for procreating the most perfect human being. Ever.
10. I suffer from SAPS. Don't laugh. It's a real syndrome. Sneezing Arm Pain Syndrome. Everytime I sneeze, I have to hold on for dear life to my arms. It feels like every bone and tendon and vein is going to burst. Find a cure, and I'll give you a lollipop.
11. When people say "you can say that again," I normally say it again. I normally say it again. I normally say it again. :)
12. My co-workers and I started a tradition of randomly sending pictures of ourselves making the ugliest faces we can. It's super fun. Until you accidently send one to the super hot dad you babysit for. That's super awk.
13. I can't use a whole bottle of anything. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash. I always have to throw it away before I finish.
14. Which leads to number 14. When I was little, Andrew Harris told me that the garbage people dig through the trash and give the leftover food to homeless people. So, EVERY SINGLE DAY in kindergarten, I threw away exactly one half of my pb&j, one half bag of Doritos and one half Capri sun so the garbage people would find it and give it to a child. No wonder I was so skinny as a child.
15. I won the Math Olympics twice, Spelling Bee once and Science Fair five times in school. This is the closest I'll ever come to being a bad girl.
That's all. What are some facts about Y O U?

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