Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Matter With Boys Today.

Yesterday's post about my ranting about being a virgin sparked several responses whether through comments, facebook or twitter messages. Most of them were positive, one of them was rude.
Whatevs. Can't win them all.
Anyways, after re-reading what I wrote, I 100% stand behind everything I said. I think that it's a GREAT thing to be a virgin until marriage.
If you don't want to announce it on a billboard downtown, then you don't have to.
I mean, that's not my plan. But I do want girls to know they are worthy of
truth &

And again, before you get all bent out of shape, I KNOW that there are a ton of girls that you may think are unworthy of these things because of the way they act. Regardless of a woman's (or man's) character or reputation, as a Christian, we are COMMANDED to love people. If you feel like you cannot do this, you and Jesus may need a little talk.
I also know that there are a lot of girls that are worthy of the things mentioned above. I know that there are men that are both worthy and unworthy of the same respect.
For those who aren't worthy (in your eyes) of your respect, they probably lost your respect for some reason. Contrary to popular belief, girls don't wake up and think of ways to ruin their man's day.
At least, not the girls that I know.
So, to the boys (who don't read this blog, I'm totes sure of it) this is what I would say to the dirty, manipultive, and scandelous ways they present to the women population:
First. God created man before woman. This means that you are, in theory, superior. You were made to protect, provide, and bless the people in your life. If you don't try to protect the integrity of a woman (ie:force her into a relationship, force her into having sex, etc.), you are, by the Biblical definition, not a man. God created Adam to protect, provide for and bless Eve. And he did. He stumbled, yes, but so did Eve. And so do we all today.
Second. Demanding and earning respect are TWO different things. There are a TON of men in my life that I respect. There are also a lot of men that have been in my life that I've lost respect for. The way they expected women to give them everything they wanted and the way they treated the women around them as slaves are the two main reasons I've lost respect for them. You earn respect when women trust you. If you are constantly flying off the handle and being hateful and disrespectful everytime life doesn't go your way, you don't deserve respect.
Third. This one totes goes with yesterday's post. Having sex doesn't make you a man. Hello, remember Jesus? The ultimate example of a man, never had sex. So there's that. I'm just saying. There are some men that I've known or known through friends that feel like sex is a game. Once a girl commits and gives herself away, he won. And, then, most of the time, he's not interested in you anymore because he's gotten the prize. A true man doesn't fight for your virginity, he fights to protect it. He prays daily and He seeks the Lord's wisdom and guidance to help him stay pure. A relationship WILL last so much longer with no sex before marriage, most of the time, it will probably last until marriage and then forever! Being a virgin, even as a man, doesn't make you a wuss, it makes you a shining example of what a Godly man is.
Fourth. A man is suppose to be the leader of the relationship, household, etc. but not the dictator. Agian, this is all from observation, BUT, there have been so many of my friends who lose their identities for their boyfriends. Men, support your lady and allow her to grow as a woman with her friends. I'm not saying let her party it up every weekend and come home drunk, but what's wrong with dinner with friends every once in a while or hey, what about a Bible study. I've seen, first hand, one of my BEST friends lose all her friends and basically lose her life for her boyfriend. Then, she gave in, gave him everything and he left.
Fifth. I strongly support the theory of "the way he treats his mom is how he'll treat you." I know, as always, there is probably an exception to every rule, but if a man honors and respects his mother, he will respect you, too. Don't ignore the warning signs.
These five things mostly will apply to those who are not walking daily with the Lord. I've seen a ton of wonderful, Godly men come into the lives of my friends and family and make those women stronger, lovelier, and passionate about the Lord. The men in this world who are seeking what the Bible says and not what Playgirl says,
That is what the Lord calls of you. It's hard for men to lead the relationship in the right way if their heart isn't right with God.

Girls, if you are single, make a list of qualities you want in a man and ask the Lord to direct your paths to cross with the man he has for you. I do this every night! I have a journal that I write in probably once a month that on my wedding night, I'll give to my husband. It's nothing super intimate or cute, but just little notes telling him that I prayed for him, even before I met him.
I want to tell every boy that is seeking God and following the will of God for their life,
It doesn't go unnoticed. This girl notices. And yes, you can apply and pray to God to date me starting now. I'm waiting. :)

Happy Sunday lovelies!

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