Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Matter With Girls Today.

Happy Saturday Lovelies! I love me some Saturdays! Popsicles and Momma are in gburg on their anniversary trip and sibs and I are afraid of the terrific thunderstorm heading our way tonight so...

to granny's we went.

Ha. Don't laugh. There's something comforting about being at home with for real adults.

Anyways, I'm pretty vocal about some things. And two of those categories are: being a lady and virginity.

GASP. I know.

{Deep breath.} I took a pledge to my pastor, my family and my church family to remain pure until I'm married. I don't know why it's never seemed like sex would ever be a struggle for me, and I'm glad it never has been.

Don't jump up and down or yell at me or get bothered, yet. I'm not here to condemn you if you are not a virgin or if you are. I'm just here to state my opinion and my beliefs. That's one of the best things about having a blog. Being able to say what I want to say.

I feel like I need to post this for two reasons:
1. I see SO many girls and women on a daily basis who put too much attention and time into relationships and sex before they get their relationship with Christ right first and;
2. I have also gotten a few rude messages on facebook before about how I'll forever be a virgin because my "standards are too high." If you follow me on facebook, feel free to click away because I'll probably beat the same dead horse I do on there everyday.

I guess I just feel so strongly about this subject because I've seen so many girls give themselves away to the wrong guy {or even the right guy but at the wrong time}. I feel like if ONE girl sees this and realizes her worth or value, my harping is worth it.

I  realize that maybe you are not necessarily a "christian" but you haven't had sex. That's awesome. I realize that there are good people in the world who are virgins without a relationship with Jesus Christ. And this post probs isn't for those people, either, because my belief in Christ is why I am a virgin.

Being a virgin is not having sex. In any form or at any time before marriage. It's really that simple. Girls today have SUCH a twisted view of what being a virgin is. Sex was made by God for marriage.

DUH. Ever realized how much baggage is associated with sex before marriage?

Seriously. We live in a world where it is more of a tragedy to lose our Iphones than it is to lose our virginity. Being a virgin should be something that more girls treasure and that more girls are proud of. If you are a virgin and you are ashamed of being one, than you are being a virgin for the wrong reasons. Some people have said to me that I shouldn't talk about being a virgin so much because it's a private issue. I mean, I guess it is. But when I look around at EVERY magazine, movie and song selling sex, why can't I try to announce and sell purity?

{Take that Satan.}

There is nothing more precious to me than to be able to give my husband my entire heart when I get into a relationship. I've saved my entire heart and being for one man. People also say you shouldn't live for the future or for a man. And I don't. I live for Jesus and my husband gets the bonus of my heart. That's how it works.
In one facebook message, a rather snippy woman said something along the lines of  ...if you were more attractive you wouldn't be preaching the same message...

True. I'm no Adrian Lima BUT has it occured to this woman that ANYONE can have sex? You don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to have sex. All it takes is a woman and a man, regardless of looks. So, yeah, that comment about me being ugly hurt but it doesn't have any truth to it.

Girls who give themselves away before marriage give away a piece of themselves that CAN never be put back. Yes, you can ask for forgiveness and God cleans you a clean start. This is awesome and if you want a clean start, ALL you have to do is PRAY! But even if God forgets, I've never met a woman who was a born again virgin who "didn't remember having sex with him." So, it's so much easier to just not have sex before marriage.

Especially if you are a Christian, I hold you to a higher standard. You have the ULTIMATE power source at a tap and you can tap into the power source and ask for strength. You can't be tempted if you don't put yourself in situations to be tempted.

I don't care if you're 33. If you cannot have self control and not being tempted, don't be alone with your boyfriend, go on group dates, etc.

It's hard but it's worth it to be a virgin. So many girls today, I feel like, don't have enough encouragement from their Christian sisters to remain pure! It's such an incredible feeling to lay down at night and not have to worry about having an unplanned baby or an unplanned disease. For real, if you need prayer or encourgement, THIS big sister in Christ is your girl! I know that this isn't a popular topic but it's something that I'm passionate about. The right man for you will respect your decision to remain pure until marriage. It will be his desire, too.

It's my prayer for every girl that they realize that they ARE worth respect. They are worth the wait. Any boy can have sex. It takes a man to make a promise to you to remain pure until marriage. But, there are men out there.

And while you are single, use that alone time with God to build your strength on him. That why, when he blesses you with a relationship you'll be ready for it and you'll have the strength to withstand the temptation. I believe God puts the desire in us to have a husband, so there is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship as long as it is one that glorifies God!

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Thanks for posting this, and caring so much about the topic. I had your passion once, but I let other people get me down and had sex before marriage. Don't let people get you down, it's the best thing you can save for yourself and your future husband.I hope there are young girls reading this post as well, they need it the most!

  2. And one more thing, you are beautiful! INSIDE AND OUT. Whoever said that obviously needs some more Jesus :)