Thursday, March 21, 2013

Randomness w/ a side of friends.

Hello lovelies. Today is Thursday. Not Friday. I know this because I casually idiotically told numerous people today Happy Friday. Almost as bad as posting "I love Mondays" as my FB status on TUESDAY. Some days you win. Most days I lose.


Today was my Friday. Super fun.

My parents 29th Anniversary is on Sunday. This means that they basically are awesome. I mean, 29 years in celebrityville is a literal eternity. I mean, this is probably why we aren't celebrity material. Thanks mama and popsicles. JK. Maybe just a little. I'm SO happy and blessed to have the parents that I have. They aren't perfect, but I think they're pretty close. They love and give and work and sacerfice unlike anyone else I've ever known. So happy anniversary libs and ken. Y'all are presh. I mean, look at them.

Yes, my mom is a supermodel. No, my dad is not half deer. (You know, the whole deer in the headlights look. Totes the photographers fault. Maybe.)
This also means that they are going to be MIA this weekend and I've been recruited (as well as my biffle sister, Lauren) to babysit this weekend.
And, since I'm basically awesome I'm taking them to the McWayne Science Center. Because that is what cool nerdy sisters do. Cool sisters who won said tickets from an oldies radio station.
We shall see how this goes.
In other Thursday Thoughts, have you ever thought about who would be your best friend if you were a real life celebrity? I do. Most days I do this, actually. My list isn't super long or filled with complicated people. I'd totes be besties with these ladies:

Emily Maynard because she is basically perfect. And she has a blog. And I could babysit for her. And have her seconds of Jef Holm.
Taylor Swift because she's fun. Hate her if you want. More bff room for me.
Khloe Kardashian because we are both loud and obnoxious (most of the time). But I'll probably end up with the most normal husband of my siblings (jk, jonathan) and then we could totes be bff's.
So, there's that.
Another thought, I know a lot of cool girls in real life. Like, real cool girls. Like these:
From L to R: Oldest sister Adrian (holding perfect child, circa 2012), Muah, younger sister Lauren (aka Lars) and front and center smallest sister Kendall
Or this lady named Haley Morgan. You can find her here. She's super fun and has the most pretty face. And pretty kids. A pretty husband, a pretty dog, AND a pretty house. And a comfy bed. (Totes not creeping. I've house sat. And that egg crate foam matress topper literally equals HEAVEN.)
Or this other lady named Holly Stefaniak who I get to work for and with! She's the sweetest person I've probably ever met! She runs a business, a family AND a super popular ETSY shop here. She sells the most beautiful personalized items! CHECK HER OUT!!! Take a look at this:
PRECIOUS. I know. You need one. Or two. Or fifty.
And, my real life besties. Who are like, perfect and pretty. Not sure how I ended up in the middle of all them! :) I like them though. And we do super fun things like go to Cheesecake factory and have lots of parties at Gabby's house because Gabby is super awesome. That's all.
Excuse the crapiness quality of this photo. Thanks Iphone. Anyways, they're all still beautiful anyways. L to R: Amanda, Muah, Sarah, Katie, Gabby, and Stephanie!

And again. Crappy quality. Pretty friends.
Happy Thursday. Who would be your celeb besties and who are your real life besties?

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