Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tidbits of Thursday.

I feel like I say this everyday (regardless of me hating failing my classes in nursing school) BUT I LOVE THURSDAYS!
For real, Thursdays are basically like Fridays and then it's the weekend's basically a win-win!
Which brings me to TIDBITS THURSDAYYYYY!!!
I seem to be making a lot of list form posts recently BUT it's because I like order. And lists seem to work.
First: I LOVE CLINICALS!! (I still hate the classroom part, not because of instructors, because I'm faling a class) BUT I LOVE CLINICALS!!! Today was my third day there. I have the BEST group of clinical girls!! They are all so sweet and so fun! I love getting to make new friends while helping others. I did A TON of new stuff today, too!! Whoop whoop!! Remove an IV, NG tubes, the whole SHE-BANG.
bang. bang.
Second: It has come to my attention, through others and through personal observation, that anesthesiologists are hands down the hottest doctors. Behind my urologist, of course. He takes the cupcake of hottness any day of the week.
Third: GIRLS TODAY SUCK. There, I said it,
For real, a lot of girls that I'm friends with on social network media sites do a for real hideous job of being a woman. If you're trying to go for the "I don't give a crap about life or about what others think of me," you win.
Is that really what you want to portray?!? The language is ABSURD. For real, I know everyone slips when they're angry or on accident, but is it really necessary to put the F word in your status, like every day?
No, it is not.
It's not okay to be talking about "F boys who treat girls like S" WHEN YOU ARE TALKING THIS WAY!!!!! Hello, give men something to respect. It's really absurd to me. Really.
All of this makes me believe that these girls who are acting this way have no role model at home. Where are these girls mommas?
When I was 14 and up, I NEVER went anywhere without my parent's permission and/or without them there. It just wasn't acceptable to them to let me parade around with no supervision.
I have a 14 year old brother and it terrifies me of the girls who he is growing up with (for the most part. I see you Katie Cain, you're the exception!!) :)
And I pity both my brother and his girlfriend if he brings ANYONE that doesn't love God home. Like, duh. His girlfriend has to go through all his sisters. Okay, moving on.
Back to the bad girls.
You realize that being BAD is DANGEROUS, right??
Drink alcohol and you'll black out and risk being suspended/expelled from school.
Have unprotected sex (or sex at all) and risk end up being preggers or have a nasty disease you'll ever get rid of.
Do drugs and make one stupid choice and you can RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!

Being bad isn't worth it. Who are you trying to impress?
A bad boy? That is going to make a crappy husband???

Hello, wake up and smell the roses.
Be classy. Respect yourself and men will respect you. Focus on your school work and sports and fun while you're in highschool.
I really think dating in high school is stupid. (Unless you're one of those high school couples, then good for you!)

BUT, normally, most of high school relationships are based off of lust and attraction but guess what? Looks fade.
Personalities don't.
Focus on God. He will make you into the AMAZING woman you are suppose to be.
It's okay to not drink, do drugs or have sex in highschool.
Trust me, I know it can be hard. I literally lost all my friends in highschool to one of the above. BUT, I didn't have any godly girl friends besides my sisters! :)
Get involved in a youth group or church and get you some Christian friends you will SUPPORT your good decisions!! :)
If you need me to pray for you, just tell me! That's why I am here! :)
Love y'all, lovelies!!!

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