Monday, April 29, 2013

marvelous monday

Happy Monday, friends!
I was going to title this post "misunderstood monday" because I think Mondays get a bad rep overall. Ha. I simply adore Mondays. I've never really had a good reason to but I do.
I'm super new to blogging. I started blogging here at Southern Samplings the last week of February. On one hand, I've found several blogs that I follow daily who have their blogs a whole lot more together than little ole Southern Samplings. But, I didn't start blogging to become some sort of blogger celebrity. I started it because I like talking and I get to put my feelings and opinions out there just to be out there in computer space. For my 15 sweet Google followers, I simply adore each of you! I hate the word "followers," I really do consider each of you friends! As well as I sweet girls I sponsor each month- I LOVE getting to know people. It's so fun!

I had my fundamentals test today and I felt pretty good about it. I had to make a 90 to pass and I'm finger-crossing-four-leaf-clovering praying I pass. Dear Jesus, please please please!! I have two more finals tomorrow and one more on Wednesday. So, pass or not, I'll be here a lot more over the next few months!

I started reading one girls sweet journey through marriage and life in Georgia and she had a post about the ABC's of me. I love that idea (very MySpace bulletin-ish), so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
A-Age: 23
B-Bed size: queen
C-Chore you hate: I actually like them all...haha! I'm a neat freak!
D-Dogs: Rocky, our white boxer
E-Essential start to your day: reading my Bible then checking social media (a habit I want/need to break)
F-Favorite Color: pink
G-Gold or Silver: silver! White gold for a wedding ring, though.
H-Height: 5'9"
I-Instruments you play: very little piano, that's all :)
J-Job title: nursing student/clinical assistant on oncology floor/receptionist at a vet
K-Kids: currently, none! One day, hopefully two or three- boys only!
L-Live: In Birmingham, Alabama/ my dream is to live in North Carolina or Nashville!
M-My mom's name: Elizabeth
N-Nickname: kaka, kakes, kates, manser (haha, I have a lot)
O-Overnight hospital stay: kidney stones-worst pain ever!
P-Pet Peeve: oh gracious. haha. smacking gum, rude boys, people who go the speed limits
Q-Quote from a movie: "You can't sit with us." "Why you wanna marry me anyhow." "You're safe with me now." (Mean Girls, Sweet Home Alabama, Safe Haven-my faves!)
R-Right/Lefty: righty
S-Sibling: I am the second of five. My older sister, Adrian, is 25. Lauren is 22. Mitchell is 15. Kendall is 10.
T-Time you wake up: depends-if I'm working a full day- 5 am/if I have school- 7 am
U-Underwear: target!
V-Veggies you dislike: onions are straight from the underworld

W-What makes you run late: drying my hair (I have the thickest hair of all hair, ha!)
X-Xrays you've had: right hand, chest, kidneys
Y-Yummy food you make: tacos, guac, sweet tea ;)
Z-Zoo animal: elephants! Roll tide!
I hope y'all enjoyed! What are some of your ABC's of YOU?


  1. Hi Katelyn,
    We are twitter friends (I think through Kelly's Korner) and it finally dawned on my to check out your blog. Super cute! I may just have to steal your quote: "If it's not monogrammed, is it really yours?" and use that as my slogan on my Etsy shop. lol! Too funny!

    1. Hey Natalie! Thank you for stopping by! Yes! Please use it!! :) I need to stop by your shop if there is MONOGRAMS in there. Oh my goodness! I am OBSESSED!! :)

  2. This is super cute! Do you mind if I do this as well?
    -Danielle (:

    1. Hey Danielle! Thank you! YES! Please use it! I love these types of posts! Let me know when you do so I can check it out!


    2. Thank you so much and I just did it(: