Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pray about EVERTHING.

Well, hey there, lovelies!
Happy Saturday!

I hope y'all have had a great start to your weekend. I know I have!! I saw a Pinterest project yesterday and couldn't stop going back and looking at it. So, I decided to make it. This was my first Pinterest project, ever, and it was all thanks to my dad! He is a builder. A really good builder (like built all 17 of our houses great builder). Anywoo, he has a big scrap pile of wood on the back of our property that I always see when I'm cruising around on the 4wheeler or golfcart. I took it upon myself to go grab and piece and politely asked dad to help me out.
Exhibit A: Pile of Wood
Exhibit B:
This is the wood after he cut it into five pieces. Pictured here is 4 pieces and the 5th piece he cut in half and screwed it all together from the back! :)
Exhibit C:
Finished project! I had several more pictures but my Iphone died and apparently decided I didn't need those pictures. Anyways, I can't wait to hang it. I was pretty proud of it!

If you are someone I'd be real life friends with, you'd know these are lyrics from a Luke Bryan song. I mean, is there any other artist out there? JK.
This is going to be a little vulernable for me but, you knows, maybe someone else will need to read it.
I am more than likely going to fail Pharmacology this semester of nursing school.
This will put me back two semesters because I'm not allowed to retake it until fall. So, that's my only option. I can only miss two problems to earn my 75% and pass on Wednesday. And, before you judge me and think I'm been super lazy this semester, you're not entirely right. Ha.
High school and Undergrad, dare I say, was a breeze. Yes, there certainly was some challenges and such, but overall, my 4.0 was always that, a 4.0. After my first smester of nursing school, I'm not sure what it will look like....
So be it. I've cried and cried and thought of every single person I'd be letting down. My mother is a for real ANGEL. After completely sobbing to her for a good 20 minutes yesterday, she ended with "maybe this is just a part of God's plan."
But, I don't want this to be a part of God's plan. I mean, I COULD still pass, but it's hightly unlikely. And, yes, I will bust my behind until the last question is bubbled in BUT I have to be okay with failing.
I've never failed before. At anything. So even typing this makes my fingers a little shaky. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and pull out that next to perfect grade. If not, that's what the fall semester is for, right?
You may read this and STILL think I'm dumb or unprepared, etc. and that's okay! I know lots of people who were a lot less "smarter" than me in high school that never failed a class in summer school. So be it. Because, at the end of it all, I'll still be a nurse. And I'll know Pharm super well.
I am REALLY good at giving people encouragement and advice and telling them "the right thing to do."
SO MUCH easier said than done! :)
I need to not worry about this Pharm failure/pass situation. I need to pray about it and then do my best. That's all I can do. ALL I can do.
Worry and fear has consumed me for the past 5 weeks studying all night and then taking exam after exam and never making above a C. It's hard and frustrating but I am doing my best. And, as long as I'm doing my best, that's all God asks of me. That's all my parents ask of me. And that's all I need to ask of me.
It's super easy to worry- about passing pharm, about who we are going to marry, about what we are going to drive, etc.

It's super hard to trust and pray for God's guidance and peace. BUT, it is ALWAYS worth it. I'd rather look back in a few years when I am a nurse and be appreciative for this lesson. Maybe I need more time to prepare, maybe God needs me at a certain place at a certain time. Whatever it is, I have to trust. And pray.
Pray about everything!



  1. Oooh cuuuttteee! I refuse to join Pinterest because I know I would get addicted and I spend enough time on Instagram and Twitter... but I have found that you can still look at stuff on there without having an account. :-) My goal this summer is to make some crafts on there!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. How stupid can you get with your posts? I mean you made a stupid sigh,you didn't make something amazing. You are really should get a life other then telling people how rich you are and always talking about Luke Bryan(like you have a chance) hahahahah. :)


    1. Who are you and why are you so hateful? I don't think I've done anything to you...

  3. I think the sign is very cute :) That person who said those mean things is a cowardly and obviously jealous jerk. You seem to be a wonderful and kind person and I wish you the best. Hang in there. Praying for you to pass :) If you don't make sure you go ahead and take 202 this summer. It's going to be a lot easier without dealing with anatomy 1st & 2nd semester.

  4. That is so cute! I love it! You should sell them. I'd totally buy one.

  5. I wanted to comment and give you a bit of encouragement about your course.

    My second year of university I failed Physiology and it wasn't for lack of trying, there are just some courses that are HARD and no matter how much you study it just isn't quite enough and its incredibly frustrating and upsetting to work at something and still not have it come out in your favour. I couldn't retake the course until my 4th year and it was easier the second time...not easy, just easier. I knew what to expect and because I knew what was coming I didn't get so overwhelmed with things.

    Praying for you to pass!