Thursday, April 25, 2013


Oh, thank you JESUS for today! I have slept a total of 11 hours since Saturday due to a test every day this week. So, again, thank you Jesus for no work or no school tomorrow morning.
Now that I've said my appropiate thank you's for today (I have to practice for when I win my academy award for my reality show coming soon), we can get on to a little more fun business.

If you are on twitter or instagram, you've heard of #tbt.
Aka: Throw back thursday
The jist is that you post pictures of you and your siblings, etc. from at least 10 years ago. None of this tbt to last weekend!! You, yes, I'm looking at you. Ha!

Anyways, welcome to #tbt on Southern Samplings.

Anyways, I'm not a super blogger like all the super cool blogs I follow but maybe one day I will be. And, if and when I do, I have to have a weekly "link up" post that's my signature.
disclaimer: if someone alreadys does this, just let me know. ha!
My link up is going to be "Throw back thursdays" where we throw back to the past and talk about some of our favorite pastimes.
And since I'm a LOVER of lists, I'm going to talk about some of my favorite throw back things.
1. Nano baby
My sisters and I were obsessed with these little things. I was playing around on Pinterest this week and found them. Talk about a blast from the past. I would also like to take a moment to publicly announce that Adrian and Lauren never kept their babies alive as long as I did. This is probably the only proof in the world that I could maybe be a mother someday. Someday far, far away. Moving on.
2. Milky Pens
These pens were my sisters and I's saving grace for sitting through "big church preaching" when we were wee little ones. We would draw all over one another and then draw all over the bulletins and maybe all over post it notes if momma brought any. They were/are amazing. So much so, that when I googled and found this image, it linked me to ACE Hardware. So, I spent 45 minutes today calling every ACE Hardware store in Alabama to find out the picture I found was posted on the website in 1998. So, there's that.
3. Holiday in the Sun
Does anyone like me get hooked on a movie and watch it again and again and again. You don't? Yes you do. Don't lie. Ha! Well, from ages 11-12, EVERY NIGHT of my life, I would watch Mary Kate and Ashley have a dream vacation in the movie "Holiday in the Sun." I just got so excited about remembering this that I just ordered it from Amazon.
4. Birkenstocks
Maybe you still have a pair? I won't judge. I loved me some Birkenstocks. The arch on my foot is probably the highest arch in the history of arches and these little babies were the PERFECT comfort shoes for me. I remember being the only girl in 6th grade who left for a trip to Gatlinburg with no Birkenstocks and no points on the cool scale and returned with a brown pair (before anyone else had brown, they all had tan) and let me tell you, for two weeks, I was cool.
5. Lisa Frank/Trapper Keepers
I doubled this one up because Lisa Frank products AND trapper keepers were the BOMB.COM in fifth grade and my sister had a Lisa Frank trapper keeper. She was so cool. I think she still keeps it for work related things. Rock on, Lauren, rock on.
6. Candy Cigs
Every Saturday I would help my dad with yard work. Which, mostly led to me shaking some pine straw around for three hours and feeling like a total boss. My prize: candy cigs from this super cool corner gas station. He would always "pretend" with me that we were smoking but said to not tell my mom or anyone else. Ha! Then, when my sisters and I would ride bikes in the driveway (aka drive our pretend BMW's on the pretend highway) we would pretend that they had invented GOOD cigs and that we were smokings vitamins. Classy, huh. Thankfully, I never picked up the real habit and momma still doesn't know about the candy ones.
7. Lizzie McGuire
The best show ever. Hands down. Strong family values. Strong teaching points. An all around good show. Have y'all seen the shows on DISNEY today?!? They are all rubbish. Maybe Hilary Duff's son could star in Drizzie McGuire and have a spin off hit show? Thoughts? PS, I've copyrighted this idea so don't steal it.
8. Lee Middleton Dolls
Again, having two sisters (one year older and one year younger) growing up made for two instant BFFs (and enemies) around at all times. We loved these Lee Middleton dolls. And at a whooping $199 a piece, we were perfect angels so Santa would bring us one. I think we ended up with two a piece. Lauren and Adrian had two girls a piece and I, shocker, had two boys. Please, Lord, please let me have boys. And boys only.
Well, there it is. What you do think? Would you ever want to do a blog link up with Southern Samplings? And what are some of your favorite throw back Thursday finds? See you later, lovelies.

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