Tuesday, May 21, 2013

fried green maters.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!
I'm so saddened by all the devestation in Oklahoma this week. I can't even imagine the heartbreak and destruction. I went to Tuscaloosa for several volunteer clean up days after the horrific 2011 tornadoes so I feel like I have an extra special sensitive heart toward tornado victims. Even though I live in Alabama, far away, I've already found several donation sites in Alabama that are taking clothes, pots and pans, etc. to the victims. I am dropping off a bag of old clothes tomorrow. Just google ways to help! There are always plenty of opportunities. Of course, the biggest way to help is pray for those affected. :) The entire state is in my prayers!
Last Thursday, I took my niece and younger sister to pick strawberries in Clanton, Alabama. On the way home, we stopped by a fresh market for a quick lunch. They also had the PRETTIEST green tomatoes (if that is a real thing, pretty tomatoes?) :) I bought 4 of them and decided to "try" to make my own fried green tomatoes. I searched through a Paula Deen cook book and found a recipe. If it's Paula's recipe, it has to turn out good, right?
Well, they were SO easy to make and they were tasty.
This is what you need to get started:
4 large green tomatoes

**Also, I have a question for you bloggers. I'm not sure when someone responds to me on a comment on their blog without going back to the post and checking. Several people have mentioned that you can get notifications through email. I've followed the steps on several tutorials and I still don't receive notifications. I go to blogger.com but I have to sign in through Google. Does everyone do it this way? Any suggestions?**
Thanks, y'all! Happy Tuesday!


  1. I responded to blog comments incorrectly for so long! Once I figured out how to do it the right way, I did a post about it:


    I hope it helps! Feel free to email me with any questions!

  2. Mmmm fried green tomatoes, so yummy! I'm from Alabama too so I can definitely appreciate good southern food!

    I used to respond wrong all the time too, but I have no clue how I fixed it :( I'm sure Nadine's tutorial should do the trick :)

    Love your blog by the way! Stop by mine anytime! mybetterhalfme.blogspot.com

  3. I love Paula Deen! These look so good(: