Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picking Berries

Happy Thursday, y'all!! Today was such a fun day! I feel like I'm finally getting more comfortable with these posts and I've been getting several new followers (aka friends) everyday! That makes me SO happy! Thank you to everyone who reads this!
This summer my schedule is a little different. Since I didn't pass Pharm, I have to wait until the fall to retake it and resume nursing classes. This summer I am taking anatomy and psych. I have these classes on Thursday and Friday mornings but we haven't started yet. Today, I got to watch my precious, perfect little niece, Ava. Ava Claire is the sweetest, smarted and cutest little girl ever. I'm convinced I can't have children because Ava takes up all the room in my heart! She is so fun! And, she LOVES Luke Bryan. Smart, smart girl.
I've been wanting to learn how to make jelly from my grandmother's (on both sides) for a while. I read on Cherish's blog the other day that we should be so thankful if our grandparents are still alive. We should ask them questions and learn how to make, sew and bake from them. I read this and it has stuck with me ever since. How true is this? My grandmother's are able to sew for my grandfather's, they can make/bake anything and they keep a tidy house. My mother also cooks full course meals EVERY night. I want to be able to provide and clean and cook and make and bake for my husband one day as well. So, this was a long explanation to say...
We went to a strawberry field!
I checked my youngest sister out from school a little early so she could join!
We went to Sunshine Farm in Clanton, Alabama. It was about 45 miles from our house but definitely worth it. I also passed another U-pick farm on the way. I called them and they didn't have a strawberry field so we kept on schedule to Sunshine Farm. It was a beautiful field behind a home that was over 100 years old. I love the old country in the south. I hope to live somewhere just like this when I grow up for real. :)
There were rows and rows of strawberries to pick but the owner instructed us to row 5 because that's where all the berries were!
After we finished. Ava was pleased with the pickings!
Picking berries!
On the way home, we stopped by Durbin Farm Market. They have the tastiest selection of different sammies, wraps, and ICE CREAM! :) We hadn't eaten lunch yet, so the two little girls chose a hotdog. Ha. I had a turkey/avacado/bacon sammie and it was DELISH!
You could choose between broccoli salad, pasta salad or chips. I had the pasta salad. It was yummy as well.
We also got to pick some fresh green tomatoes at Durbin. We brought them home and I made home made fried green tomatoes. I'll post on that later.
Happy Thursday!! It's almost the weekend! Yay!!


  1. I've always wanted to pick berries!

  2. Ava is a such a cutie pie! Looks like a fun day. Thanks for sharing the pictures! :-)

    Also- I tagged you in my latest post on my blog! Check it out!

    xoxo Miss ALK

    1. Yay! Thank you for stopping by! I'm going to check yours out now! :)

  3. Hey girl! I found you from the southern blog society and I'm so glad I did - i love your blog! Newest follower here!

    1. You made my night Ragan! I'm coming to find your blog right now! :) Happy Saturday!!