Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Southern Living/Lucky Magazine Contributor Post

Is it already Wednesday? High five.
This week is flying by. Yesterday was so much fun at work. Our precious vet tech is out on maternity leave and one of the vet's daughters is filling in. She is a nurse and I got to watch her do a few dentals on some pups today. It was so fun to hear how closely related animal and human health safety is. I love working at the clinic I do, so, if you are in the Birmingham area, you should DEFINITELY check out Columbiana Road Pet Wellness Center. :)
Okay, so, some of you may know that I was accepted as a Lucky Magazine contributor last month. That means that the criteria of my blog submitted passed an application process and now all my posts are linked to the online version of Lucky Magazine. So fun! This month there are several topics. One topic is "Where You Sleep:Show Us Your Room." Then, an online blog that is ran by some editors at Southern Living is having a similar entry feature.
So, this post is for both of these magazines. Nothing is "up for grabs" and I can't win anything from Lucky, it's just part of my contribution. The Southern Living blog, however, will do a post featuring the rooms that are the most "southern" with the most votes. To vote, you can simply comment below and tell me what you like (or don't?) about my room. :)
I still live at home while I finish nursing school so I don't have a "master" sized bedroom or anything, BUT I did claim the biggest of our 7 bedrooms when we moved in. :) Hope y'all like it!

This is one of my dressers. I made the mason jar plants on Sunday and posted about it then. On the left is a Kate Spade "Fashion" books. When I was at Huntingdon, I was VP of Phi Mu. One of our advisors gifted us with a set of Kate Spade book and I loved them so much, I ordered some for myself. It's such a fun reference for classic fashion advice. There is another one called "Manners," which every southern girl should have!

This is my nighstand. I redid the lamp and made the wooden sign. I'm just waiting on my dad to hang it. The candle is from Target and it is lemongrass and olive scented. That sounds gross, but it smells JUST like you walked into Anthropologie. SCORE. I also ADORE Lauren Conrad and have her beauty books. LOVE her and her fashion advice.

These are dried flowers from my older sister's wedding. I keep them in the sweetest mason jar with a wire design that my mom got as a hottess gift that I stole. Ha. What's more southern than mason jars?


On this dresser, I have my college degree and my favorite perfumes. I LOVE FlowerBomb and Kai Fragrance. Kai smells JUST like old Alabama or Georgia in the summer. Magnolias with a hint of all kinds of other flowers. It's my favorite! I also have my grandmother's little pocket mirror on display. It's beautiful!

This is where I sleep! :) I did a post (I believe my first one ever) on my bedding. It is all Shabby Chic/Anthro Inspired. I scored the white Ralph Lauren quilt at TJ Maxx. The original tag was $499!!!!! FOR A QUILT!!! I scored it for $39!! I'm such a bargain shopper! :)

Lastly, we have to include one item in our rooms that is sentimental or special. Mine is my purity ring that my parents bought me when I was 18. It's simple and it's diamonds. Ha! My two favorite things!
Hope y'all enjoyed this post! Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. My favorite is the Luke Bryan sign ;)
    But that ring is gorgeous too!