Saturday, May 25, 2013

"sweet home alabama"

You know what my favorite movie of all time is? That's right.
Sweet Home Alabama.
I mean, really? How could Melanie leave Jake? He's like, southern perfection.
Anyways, I'll discuss that with Melanie later. The movie, although it wasn't even shot entirely in Alabama, paints the P E R F E C T picture of Alabama scenery. Alabama people-not so much.
So, I decided to do a round of true/false about peeps from Alabama. Here goes:
1. The further south you go, the thicker the accent.
I mean, in general, y'all. I love using ten cent words as much as the next gal, but bless your heart if you think I'm stupid because I say honey and fixin' to.
2. The first question that must be decided when moving to Alabama is what college football team to go for.
Absolutely no explanation needed. I will always be more interested in if you are a Tide fan or Tiger fan before I'll ever care what your name is, where you live or what you drive. Roll Tide.
Four for you AJ McCarron. You go, AJ McCarron.
3. People of Walmart only features people from Alabama.
You'd be shocked how many of those entries are from super classy states like New York or even California. I know every state has some unfashionable ladies but as a whole, I think Alabama has a GREAT sense of fashion. Giuliana Rancic agrees. She said so. And her opinion is really the only one that counts.
4. Alabama cannot produce any quality entertainment industry contributors.
Channing Tatum.
Born and raised in Alabama. That's all I have to say about that.
5. People from Alabama are racists.
I mean, there ARE racist people in every state but to label Alabama as the most racist state is absurd. Do you think any college football team could win a national championship if they were RACIST? No. Would their be any teamwork? No. So, thanks Alabama and Auburn, you've disproved the racist theory in the whole state. Woo hoo.
6. If you live in Alabama, you like Grits and Sweet Tea.
Just because I really want it to be. So, if you live in Alabama and don't like these two things, I'll just assume you're just traveling through.
7. People from Alabama have manners.
I would have to praise my fellow Alabamaians for this one. I've been around this country and another one, and by far, Alabama folks are the nicest. Southerners in general, but definitely my home state! We went to Colorado one time and I'll never forget telling someone that we were from Alabama and they called us "hicks." Rude. I just smiled and said "yes mam." Ha. It doesn't matter how old you are or who you are, in general, you're gonna get a yes mam or yes sir in Alabama.
8. People in Alabama don't wear shoes.
Unless it's a Sunday morning at church, a luncheon at granny's or a birthday party at momma's, we wear shoes. I mean, Old Navy flip flops count, right?
9. Our state bird is NASCAR.
Most of the time, that is. Not that having cars fly around a track at 200 mph+ is a bad thing. And they are pretty, too.
10. People in Alabama are uneducated.
While Alabama does NOT have the best graduation rate from 4 year degree colleges, that doesn't mean that people are dumb. Yes, it's super important that people know how to add and subtract and prescribe medicine and defend in court. However, people who didn't go to college BUT know how to take apart and put back together my car, people who know how to grow everything I eat and people who can sew me a cute dress matter just as much. So, there's that.


  1. I love this! I hate when people think that we are all redneck hicks. I'm from Mississippi and I hate when the South is categorized.

  2. Oh my goodness girl all of this is so true. I get a little annoyed with all the people who stereotype people from Alabama or the South in general. If they would just come down here they would never want to leave! Oh and Roll Tide! :)