Sunday, May 12, 2013

weekend round-up and luke bryan winner.

Happy Mother's Day to all the sweet momma's out there!
I am so thankful to have the momma that I do. She is the most considerate, amazing, helpful, beautiful, loving, patient, praying, Godly woman I know. I am NOT really sure how God let me have her, but I'm thankful every day that he did. I love that my momma is a mother. She never tried to be my bff in high school or try to be the cool mom. She was the mother she was suppose to be and by doing so, she DID become my best friend. Not the best friend like some other friends in high school were with their mom-where they would drink and go clubbing with their MOTHER- but the mother who always let me know she was there. And, she's never left. Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful momma in the world! :)
Most holidays are spent at our house! I love having all my family together. My dad's parents and momma's parents both live within 10 miles of us so we all get together for every holiday! I think that we are one of the only families that I know that get to do that and I love it. It makes me so thankful that every holiday, and mostly every week, I see my grandparents regularly. And, since I was obviously more interested in the food, that's all that I have pictures of. Looking back now, that's awful. But, it is what it is.

Dessert bar. Duh.

oh so yummy!

My strawberry cake! ;)
After everyone left, I was looking on Pinterest and saw some blue tinted mason jars. I fell in love. My brother wanted to go get fishing supplies so I said I would tag along and look for some supplies to craft.
BINGO. Wal Mart HAD THE BLUE TINTED MASON JARS! SCORE. Anyways, I'm linking up later this week for a "show us your room" blog post and there was one spot in my room where I thought a mason jar display would look cute. I gave it a try. It's not the coolest or most awesome project ever but I love the way they turned out!
I bought two clear mason jars and two of the blue tinted ones. The blue tinted ones are pictured in the final project but my step by step pictures are the clear one!
I bought some rope from the hardware department and just wrapped it around the top of the jar until it was the thickness I wanted. Then, I tied a bow and planted the fern and ivy. So simple.

This is all four. I'm learning I'm not good at DIY posts because I forget to take a lot of pictures but this project was easy and I made it up as I went. Ha. All in all, I spent 16 bucks for 4 jars and plants. Score!

On the way home, we found a new little farmer's market called "The Market." I LOVE these little stands. We got some boiled peanuts and apples!

And, finally, most of you will probably just scroll down to see the following image anyways. But, I figured maybe the lucky winner is a reader of the blog and will be surprised! Ha! I had well over 150 entries for the Luke Bryan ticket giveaway from some sponsors of Southern Samplings. Each like, comment, retweet, reply, etc. was counted as one vote. I wrote out each of your names multiple times because you voted multiple ways! I'm so glad that I've met several new people through this giveaway, even if it was because of Luke Bryan. Hey, I'm not complaining. Ha!
The winner is listed below! I need you to email me within 24 hours with your information. Part of winning is that you have to chronicle your concert day and report back to Southern Samplings so we all know how it went. I will be there at the concert, too, so I will have to meet you, Kristen. Thank you again to everyone who entered and participated. And stay tuned because some of my May sponsors have an amazing give a way coming up!! Congrats Kristen!! :)

Luke and I will see you there! :)
**If Kristen does not email within 24 hours, the tickets will be drawn for again!**


  1. Congrats to Kristen :) Thank you Katelyn for having such an awesome giveaway for your fans/followers :)
    Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day :) The food all looked delicious :)

  2. Your mom sounds a lot like my mom! Mine always was "a mom" (I had rules and boundaries growing up) but she is the sweetest and most caring person ever, and helped me to grow up with a good head on my shoulders! ;-)

    Hope you had a great day with your family! Those desserts look ah-mazing!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. Everything looks so yummyyyyy! And those plants are so cute, I love mason jar things.
    Happy Monday(: