Wednesday, May 1, 2013

winding down wednesday

Well, everybody.
It is finished.
I'm done with school this semester. More on that laterrrr.
A few days ago I was tagged by Rebekah over at All That Glitters. I am sponsoring her this month and I'm obsessed with her! Go say hello for me! :) She tagged me for Five Truths. So, here we go!

PS, I know that this has been several "about me" types posts but finals have been super overwhelming. In the upcoming weeks, I have some recipes, Pinterest projects and by the grace of God, a few trips to post about. :)
5 Truths
1. I was bald, like, really bald until I was probably four. I made up for it, though, because now I think I have as much hair as a lion. (Bonus part to this truth: The only way I know how to spell lions is because we were the Kingwood Lions in highschool and one cheer was L I O N S, we've got to be the very best. Lions, oh yeah. Lions, that's right. Ha.) (Bonus part 2: We weren't the best. Very far from it.) Moving on...
2. My favorite movie is "Mean Girls." If you don't like it, you can't sit with us.
3. I really love monograms. It's probably an unhealthy obsession. And now that one of my most ballin-est friends has her OWN MONOGRAM machine, oh, watch out world. Watch out. I really should invest in my own. Monograms change your life. I really hope my future husband's last name starts with a "C." I may eventually spend as much on monograms as I do on college tuition.
4. One of my most favorite thing to do is put away groceries. I've been seriously slacking with this little treasure of a chore this semester but now that it's summer, I can't wait to organize the pantry and fridge. Every. single. weekend.
5. My most favorite singer is Luke Bryan. This is a truth. This should not be a surprise. He's just the nicest artist as well. Like, when he won Entertainer of the Year at the ACM's, I cried with him. I'm happy to support an artist who gives back as much as he does. And I would totally shake it for him, get drunk on him and never give him a reason to run after something already gone. Because, let's be honest... who would run away from him?
You're welcome, everyone. You're very welcome.
Happy Wednesday!! 

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  1. Always look forward to your blog posts! Glad you are done with finals & finally get to relax a little bit :)