Sunday, June 16, 2013

an ode

Happy Sunday y'all.
And Happy Father's Day to all of your daddies! I hope y'all spoiled them good this year.
I love my daddy so much and I love celebrating him for a whole day.
My dad on the right and my momma on the left
Happy Father's Day, Kenneth! :)
Since today is an appropriate day to celebrate dads everywhere, I decided an ode to "Hottest Celebrity Dads" was necessary. You're welcome blogland.
First up, I know, this is NO surprise to y'all that follow me on social media networks because of how much I talk about him. BUT, I mean, you can't blame me. This southern Georgia native is as funny and entertaining as they come. And, he is the hottest man on earth.
Luke Bryan
Next up, we have a dad who not only has been spotted carpooling and teaching his kids how to tie their shoes, he never misses a school performance. That's one hot daddy.
David Beckham
This young pops isn't popular with most people but somehow, I adore him. Maybe because he went alligator hunting and I am going in September, too. Whatever the reason for my adoration for him, I wouldn't mind if he was my "baby daddy."
Scott Disick
This hunk is my favorite reality TV star. And, the way he supported G through all the pregnancy woes proves what a gentleman he is.
Bill Rancic
What is it about country music singers and babies? They are already high on hot meter charts but throw a baby in the picture, and those daddies are flying off the charts. I'll go anywhere with him.
Jake Owen
If I were this man's "baby momma" it wouldn't even bother me that he is so against deodorant. I think his natural smell must be nothing short of pure bliss.
Matthew McConaughey
Hey, Usher. I see you pushing that stroller.
Usher, Usher Raymond V, Naviyd Ely Raymond
I don't really like him as a person, but I do like the way he looks.
Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady, John, Benjamin
Tom Brady
And, lastly, another country crooner. I'll take a little ride with you, Jason.
Jason Aldean (and yes, I know that they are filing for divorce, but I hope they work everything out!!)
Well, now that you've all had too much hotness to handle, go eat some ice cream with the rest of the fam! Happy Father's Day, daddies!! 


  1. so funny! I love all of these! I'm sure all daddies are feeling extra special today!

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