Wednesday, June 12, 2013

be classy, never trashy.

I started this blog so I could post my thoughts on whatever topic I chose in hopes of other girls or women reading it and relating. I, along the way, included some recipes and such, which is fine, but this post is definitely a "this is how you should act" post.
So, if you're a "bad girl" or a "mean girl" and you really could care less of how I think a lady should act, this post is not for you.
 **You've been warned.**
These are strictly my opinions and my observations over the years. I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. But all the whiny and griping on social media networks I see girls posting in relation to the way men treat them is so overrated. Maybe if you would act like a lady, you would be led to a real, Southern gentleman. I believe in God, so that's another reason that may turn people away from reading this. That's fine, too. You can't please everyone. BUT, for the girls who are trying and praying for a godly mate and living in line with the Bible, let's be friends, because this excuse of what "a woman is" that the world portrays is TRASH.
First off, the outward appearance that you project on people MATTERS. There is nothing like a second first impression. The clothes you wear count. If you want respect, then walking around in panties cut off shorts isn't going to command respect. It will command attention, but not the kind you want. There are plenty of good men in the world. Maybe you're just commanding attention from the wrong guys. Of course, it goes both ways, but men are wired different. Don't give them any reason to get their fuse going before there is any commitment of marriage.
Second, the language you use really does say a lot about your respect for yourself.  I'm not saying that you'll never slip up and curse, but what is making you cuss? Because you want to look cool? Because you're angry? Or because it's cool? None of those are good reasons to cuss. Did you know that you impact 7 people every day. Whether it's the customer you were hateful to, the gas attendant you rolled your eyes at or your own parents who you were hateful to, 7 people every day are impacted by you. By your words. I can't even begin to tell you how many times people have said unkind things about me behind my back, to my friends and to my face. Being made fun of isn't fun.

Thirdly, your lifestyle majoring impacts the impression you leave on others. What does it say to younger girls who you are friends with on facebook or who you interact with if you're teaching their Sunday School but living with your boyfriend? There is so many mixed signals young girls today get. No wonder the government is in the legal process of legalizing the morning after pill to any aged girl- because there is A NEED FOR IT. That is so wrong. And so sad. There is no value on marriage as a nation anymore. It's looked at as something that you can just "undo" with a signature and a small fee down at the courthouse.

 That's not how God created marriage.
Marriage is a lifetime covenant according to God. You are not suppose to ever break a covenant. Of course, as always, there are extreme circumstances (ie: cheating, etc) but too many people don't value what marriage was created to be. Not just a built in sex partner for life, a built in prayer partner for life. God cannot and will not bless sex before marriage. Who wants to live with the scare of your man leaving you or you becoming pregnant and being fearful of being left. A man that respects your heart also respects your body. A man of God will not push and probe and beg you for sex. And he won't threaten you with sex, either.

Sex isn't bad after marriage. I'm not saying that. That's what it was created for. But, before marriage-it's just a mess.

Be the total package of what a woman is suppose to be. Respect your parents and authority figures in your life. Love people. Be kind. Don't judge. Be respectful in your words and wardrobe. Save your heart (and body) for the man God created for you. Have joy! And give joy to people. Remember those 7 people tomorrow. You may the only smile they get!

Rock on, lady friends! :)


  1. Great post with some wonderful reminders!! Being classy is the way to go! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. This is a fabulous post! I love it! Such great reminders for all women so matter their walk in life!

  3. Amen and Amen! Love this post, girl!