Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kardashian 2.0

Well, as un-southern as this sounds, I'm gonna say it anyways. My family is the southern version of the Kardashians. We discovered this seasons ago, however, as more seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians continue to air, the similarities are SCARY.
Kenneth as Bruce
Libba as Kris
Where to start, where to start?
Kenneth is totes Bruce for so many reasons. He goes along with most of the schemes we plan, he gets mad when we act inappropriate and he'd rather spend a day outside working than on the beach getting his tan on. He's the strong, silent type but when he talks, he is definitely heard. Dad was a total Olympian in he was the star of the church softball team for decades. He keeps the family together and totes values his laptop time-much like Bruce in that one episode.
Libba is Kris for even more reasons than Kenneth is Bruce. We nicknamed our momma "Priss" a few years ago after a combination of Kris+Prissy= Priss. She is all about being our bestie (in a good way), she rocks short hair and she is sensitive (again, in a good momma way). She talks with her hands like Kris and is always dressed to impress. Seriously, she won't even go to Wal-Mart in "play clothes." Once, she turned around when we were in the PARKING LOT to go home and get earrings. Rock on, Kris.
Adrian as Kim
Jonathan as Kayne
Ava as unborn Kardashian-West child
By default, Jonathan has to be Kayne because he is with Kim. And, Adrian is definitely Kim, so there's that. Jonathan isn't African American BUT he is in touch with his brotherly side. He is supportive and well, that's about it. Sorry, Kayne Jonathan.
Adrian is Kim Kardashian for so.many.reasons. When she is mad, you knows she is, much like Kim. When Kim cries, she has a crying face. Adrian totes has a crying face. Adrian is passionate and has it together-much like Kim. She has the best of everything and she is super classy. We make fun of the way she talks like Kourtney and Khloe do on KUWTK and Adrian also likes everything clean, like Kim. Just like Kim-Adrian would never start a fight or inappropriate conversation but she totally goes along with one once we start.
And, DUH. Ava is unborn Kardashian-West child because she is literal perfection. The best of absolute everything, Ava has. She's the smartest, the cutest and the most stylish child, ever. She is famous on multiple websites and her birthday party has already been featured on more blogs than I have fingers. Prance on, Ava Claire.
Katelyn as Khloe
I am, by far, the most like my matched Kardashian. Khloe is super loud, so am I. She is determined and she speaks up when she doesn't think something is right-I do that, too. When my sisters are scheming something sketchy, I totally call them out on it. I'm probably the only sibling that would let my bum of a brother live with me. I'll marry the most famous man of the bunch. Khloe is obnoxious and has her favorites, so do I. She can be the loner of the group and so can I. Oh, and the whole spanking people and shaking her nanners?
Lauren as Kourtney
Be still, my heart. They even POSE by pretend DINOSAURS together?? Reasons why Lauren is Kourtney: She loves naps, she is super messy, she is never on time, she is always the last one to get up from the dinner table, she can wear stupid crap and still look cute, she's the only person who can pull off a ponytail as cute as Kourtney and she is the youngest and smallest. Oh, and there was that whole no-one-likes-her-significant-other thing, but that resolved itself. On to bigger and better things (new Scott, new beau for Lauren.)
Mitchell as Rob
Hey there, Rob. The only boy of the bunch? Mitchell is that. The one who EVERYONE picks on for being the only boy? Check again. The one who can literally beat someone and still not get in trouble? Ding, ding, ding, Mitchell is our winner. They like their cute bodies and attractive girls. And, as the sisters, just like the Kardashians, Mitchell will be forever single because we will hate every girl that tries to date him. (Except you, Katie, I see you.) We even call Mitchell FAT BOY because he literally has 0% body fat. Although, lately Rob has put on a little weight, Mitchell has not. He can get mad when we are "joking" with him and we make fun of him when he listens to rap music.
Kendall as Kendall
The youngest? The bonus child that everyone of us helped raised? The only who can look at something and get it? KENDALL. Made over. She'll get in trouble for not cleaning her room or for not liking school, but she is not disciplined-much like Kendall. Rock on, baby sis. Rock on.
So, y'all see? We definitely center our lives around Jesus probably a lot more than them and we say y'all and don't wear super high heels BUT our Christmas Cards are totally People magazine worthy, our vacations are out of this world and holidays could be broadcast around the world and everyone would watch.
BRB, my phone is ringing. It's E! See y'all on E! in the fall.
Happy Sunday!!


  1. how awesome! Y'all really are like the Kardashians!

  2. Hahaha this post made me smile! Beautiful family and you're right, there are a lot of similarities!

    xoxo Miss ALK