Saturday, June 15, 2013

my dad.

Meet Kenneth Rayburn Carter- styling with his favorite child circa 1991
I am so beyond, incredibly blessed with the man that God let be my daddy. I know that most girls with good daddies think there's is the best-but mine really is.
He started working for his family the day he graduated high school. And I'm pretty sure he's hasn't taken a day off since. :) He is an INCREDIBLY talented home builder. He has built probably more than 1,000 homes in his lifetime and he custom built all 15 of the houses we have lived in.
When I think about, really think about it, he built this house with more love than wood. And, for that, I'm forever grateful.
He has always supported our family. My mother has been able to be a homemaker since they were married and she has been the PERFECT mother to us all. And, I love she is able to be so wonderful because of the love they have. They've been married for over 25 years and they are the example of Godly parents. They've raised 5 kids in church for our entire lives. We plan trips around Sundays and my daddy is the first one there and normally the last one to leave every Sunday. The lessons he has taught me, the examples he has shown me and the love he has graced me with is something I can't explain in words.
He's been there for me to cry to, yell at, and talk to-and he doesn't judge. I feel so blessed and I thank God everyday for the example he is. To say he has literally sacrificed his life for us is an understatement. God is our heavenly eternal father but I feel like I have the most perfect (as you can humanly be) father in the world.
He loves his parents. He is always helping them and he is always patient and he never judges his parents. This has taught me so much about the way to treat my parents. Sure, everyone won't agree on every subject, but my father puts his differences aside and CARES for more people than anyone I know. He visits with people he doesn't know, he has led numerous people (including me!) to Christ, he gives and gives and gives and he NEVER takes. Seriously, I'm giving him a tray of goodies and gift cards for Father's Day and feel like a complete loser because it's SO SMALL compared to what he does for me.
My car breaks down. It breaks down a whole lot. And, never once has he not fixed it. :) He is a handyman and a really patient one at that. He fixes everything. The fridge, the car, the floor, the door, ANYTHING. There is nothing that is broken that daddy can't fix.
He loves like Jesus does. He is the most patient and caring and giving man. He spends hours of his days helping other people with their problems and THEN he comes home and has to deal with our problems that we sometimes have. He goes the extra mile. He LOVES God. He LOVES people. Our little Baptist church would have completely DIED years ago if it wasn't for many people's prayers-but I feel like especially dad's. Every worker he has, he invites to church. The amount of people that are there because of him is outstanding. He leads Sunday School, he teaches on Sunday. He teaches on Wednesday.
He's on the school board. He's the head football coach. He turned a team around from winning 1 game to losing 1 game in two seasons. He's patient. Everyone of his players love him like a second dad. He's a TEACHER. He knows the game and he loves it. And, boys are learning from him. He handles rude parents really well. He may let the referee's have it every now and then-but that's cool, yo.
He paid for 12 years of private school for 5 kids. He's bought 4 of us cars. He's built one of us a house.
He's daddy to us. Kenneth to momma. Son to my grandparents. Brother to his siblings. Uncle to his nieces and nephews. Bear (aka grandpa) to Ava Claire. And to me-supporter, encourager, spiritual leader, number one fan!!
He doesn't go to bed until 10:00 at night and he is exhausted. But, he is never too busy to listen to me whine, complain or just talk. And, he is never, ever, ever too busy to pray and love. And for that, that makes my daddy the greatest!!!! I LOVE YOU DADDYYY!!!!


  1. I read this and fell in loving respect for your father. He seems like such a spiritual giant. I could only hope to aspire to leave this world with such a lasting legacy to a wife and child. Thank you for sharing such honoring and respectful comments.