Friday, June 14, 2013

oh bother.

Has someone ever said something to you that didn't make you angry but it bothered you?
Quirks, if you will. Things people do that annoy you? Well, I don't know why, but I was leaving work today and someone said something that bothered me, and it got me thinking.
So, here's a little list of things that bother me, in no particular order. And, again, these things don't really anger me but I'd be super ecstatic if no one ever did it again!
1. It bothers me when people make remarks about me working on a hemoc (hematology/oncology) floor at a hospital. Since I've started working there, I promise at least 10 different people have said things like "Oh, you must be so strong" or "I couldn't do THAT" or "You must have tough skin."
Um, herrrllooo. This is wrong. Just because I work with extremely sick people doesn't mean that I don't have a heart or that I'm a super "tough" person. If anything, wouldn't someone need a BIG heart to handle such a job? Just saying.
2. It really bothers me when I'm trying to watch Swamp People and one sister is blasting some stupid game on her Ipad and another sister is snoring any dad is blasting I Love Lucy from 5 rooms away.
I get sent to bed, literally, if I'm talking during Teen Mom (GAG!) or RHOOC (GAG, AGAIN!). #doublestandards
3. When people smack their gum.
4. When you're a mouth breather.
5. When people say one thing and do another thing.
6. When people go through the exit doorways at Wal-Mart.
Ever notice how you CAN'T get in through the exit at Target. 3452453 points for Target!)
7. When people (aka sisters) can't decide where to eat and one of them finally decides on what they wanted all along but it's the Japanese steakhouse that we've been to 35 times in the last 34 days.
8.  When people put their Bibles in the floor board of their cars.
9. When girls cuss.
10. When people wear crocs.
11. When people give no notice that they're about to run you off the road trying to cut in on traffic. Hey, Florida license plate 234531, there's this super cool thing called a blinker.
11. Taylor Swift
12. Men with pony tails
13.  Stuck up bloggers (you're not Carrie Underwood, honey, and even she is nice)
14. Dusty ceiling fans
15. When someone is a real mean face and ruin any chance of you ever naming your child the same name
16. Super gory video games
17. Coconut water
18. Little dogs
19. bad breath
20. When I have to clean up the kitchen 99% of the time
So, now that I got that off my chest, what bothers you?


  1. People that leave their carts in the parking lot and then you can't park because their cart is in the way. Laziness overload.

  2. I can't stand the sound of people flossing, especially in the car! (My mom does that sometimes ;-)) I also don't like it when a lot of noise is made while I'm trying to sleep, and this one might be random, but I can't stand Mumford and Sons or any band that's trying to copy their sound! I think their music is boring and terrible and I don't get what the big hype is about them, but that's just me. :-P

    xoxo Miss ALK