Friday, June 21, 2013

to cover or to not.

The bathing suit/female debate has been one over 60 years in the making. The bikini was introduced in France and was so "scandalous" that the creator had to hire a stripper to model it. I'm attaching a video below that is nine minutes long and is worth every minute.

Now, I'm not saying that I think that you are headed straight to the pits of hell if you wear a bikini BUT I am saying that she raises so many good points. I mean, I'm no model, so I'm not probably ever going to rock a bikini anyways.
You have to be convicted on your own but I think that I am anti-bikini. Sure, if you are on a private island with your husband and you want to trot around in one, sure. I mean, your husband is the one who sees you naked, after all.
And, being a Christian will be a deciding factor in this "new thinking" as well. If you're not a Christian, I don't expect you to be convicted by this video/post. If you are a Christian, though, I think that the statistics she provides is terrifying.
It's hard enough to get many men to look at a woman as a person when she is fully clothed, let alone when she's bouncy around on the beach in literally, bra and panties.
I was involved with a ministry several years ago that took several beach trips a summer and the girls would stay on one part of the beach and the guys on another side. I support this idea for a "ministry" based trip but it still doesn't solve all the issues. When pictures were posted on their website, several people would comment and say they though the two pieces were inappropriate. And, instead of defending the choice the ministry made, they would just delete comments.
If you are a Christian and you don't think that wearing a two piece is wrong, then have a stance on why you believe that way. Again, I'm not saying that you're wrong, but I don't support them anymore.
There are already so many distractions in this world, don't you think that wearing a modest one piece would earn women as a whole a lot more respect? I don't expect many, if any, to agree with me, and that's okay.
All I ask is that you watch the video and then make a decision. And have a reason for your decision. I have a reason and decision for me! What's yours? :)

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  1. I watched the video and also enjoyed your thoughts! I have wondered before what my thoughts on this are. Sometimes I wonder if bikinis are too immodest, but here is why I keep wearing them:

    I like to be in the water whether I'm at a pool, lake, or the beach. Once I get my body wet I HATE the feeling of wet fabric on me, especially my stomach, so bikinis solve that problem a little bit and help me dry off quicker. I know that might be a weird reason for why I keep wearing them, but it is a reason, haha. I do try and by ones that are a little more modest though- no string bottoms and I like bandeau tops the best because they cover a little more up top.

    xoxo Miss ALK