Thursday, July 25, 2013

do good w/ warby parker.

If I can make it through the next four days, I'll be the happiest little southern lady alive. I have a lab final and a written final in my anatomy class. So, if maybe we could all ask Jesus to help me, I'll come out with an A. Cool? Cool.
Moving on, today I'm featuring a company that y'all HAVE to check out. I'm obsessed with companies like Tom's, Altar'd State and People Water because of their "mission statements." Each of these companies give to less fortunate people. If I could have my dream job in the whole world, it would be to be a nurse in a third war country for a few years. I LOVE the idea of helping people who can't help themselves. Nothing in the whole world makes me feel better than knowing I helped change someone's life.
All of this and then some is why I'm so glad I found out about Warby Parker partnering with Donor's Choice.
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First, you should know a little bit about Warby Parker. Check out their story here.
The part of their story that I LOVE the most is that a line in their story: "We believe everyone has the right to see."
We take so much advantage of the fact that there are eye doctors and eye specialists EVERYWHERE around us. I mean, think of even going to the store. Every Wal Mart has a vision center. All we have to do is pay a fee and we can see. We have so much access to sight it's ridiculous how much we take for granted.
Seriously, I was complaining about my $98 eye exam the other day. Then, after researching Warby Parker and realizing that one billion people worldwide do not have ANY access to glasses at all, that put my whole world in perspective.
Every pair of glasses that Warby Parker sells, they give a pair to someone in need.
Buy a Pair, Give a Pair
Buy a Pair, Give a Pair
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I just love it.
Now, Warby Parker is teaming up with Donor's Choose. Donor's Choose is another amazing organization that you can learn more about here.
With every $95 frame purchased from this collaboration, they're providing a $30 Donor’s Choose gift card so the purchaser (or gift recipient) can donate to their favorite project. And as always, for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair to someone in need.

Warby Parker actually just reached a milestone of their own-this month marks the 500,000th pair of glasses that they've given to someone in need!
Check out the collection!! Pictured below are my favorite!! They are the Gardner in Whiskey Tortoise!!
Gardner in Whiskey Tortoise - Side

Happy shopping!! :)




  1. Very cool! I love people helping other people!

  2. Have you seen this,,GAC_26058_107378,00.html It's to win a trip for two to see Luke Bryan! When are you going back to nursing school? :)