Sunday, July 7, 2013

listen up highschool ladies.

As much as I LOVE blogging about trips, food and DIY, I have a bad habit of noticing the horrendous behavior of women, in general, in the world. More specifically, though, high school girls. I don't think that it's ever appropriate to cuss, drink, smoke, and have premarital sex at any age but it unnerves me to know so many high school girls who act 30.
Seriously, going down my TL on twitter and Newsfeed on Facebook, there are exactly two girls that I would "approve" of my 15 year old brother dating. TWO. I have over 5,000 friends on Facebook and TWO would make the cut. Ha. That's so sad.
And, while I would like to blame the girls for their poor decisions-and I do-I have another question. WHERE IS THEIR MOTHER? Seriously. I had super over protective parents BUT I'm still a virgin and never caught up in the wrong crowd. My parents cared. They weren't my BFF, they were/are my parents. They guide and teach and love by example. I've seen how good and fun life is WITHOUT all the partying and I've just always been happy with Jesus.
Girls, it's not okay to post such provocative pictures of your body on social media sites. If you want to take fun pictures of you and your friends on the beach strutting it-fine. Put them in a scrapbook for y'all to see. Not the whole world. If you use your body to attract a man, you'll have to use it to keep a man, too. That's FREE PROSTITUTION. Duh. Use your brain. You can look and be stylish and still have your assets covered. If you post picture after picture of major boobage and tiny shorts, you're basically saying "hey, treat me like a piece of meat!!" WRONG. FAIL. Cover up. Be classy. From your head to your toes.
It's not okay to use such horrendous language. It's unattractive. It just shows you have anger issues. It shows the you're disrespectful. Use your words to build others up. Respect those people in authority over you. The amount of posts I see of girls bashing their parents and teachers scare me. Like, if they were my girls, I'd be SCARED of them. Zip it up. Control your anger. Give your problems to GOD. That's why he's God. He listens.
Save your purity for marriage. There is nothing more scared than a pure heart and body to give to your future spouse. Read your Bible and study how a godly man acts. I wrote a post on it. If you don't know that a man is suppose to respect you, care for you, fight for you and pray for you, you'll settle for someone who doesn't do those things. A man isn't suppose to WIN you. You weren't made for 12 guys. You were made for 1. Pray about your future husband. Make a list of qualities that you want in a spouse and pray that God will send the right person to you. He will. Be patient. I personally advise against dating in high school. Most girls, and even more guys, even at 18-y'all aren't ready for that. That's my opinion and you may laugh, and that's cool. You should be working on school, sports and developing a good work ethic, not seeing how many guys you can French kiss. I'm 23 and still single. And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for my future husband. The day I get married, I'll be able to give him my letter I wrote the day I took the True Love Waits vow when I was 13. Because, true love DOES wait. Having lots of sex doesn't make you cool.
Be nice to other girls, too. Why do girls, who know how hard it is to be one, make it so hard for other girls. Find something nice to say to everyone-or don't say anything at all. Your kind words could save a girl's life, literally. I saw a girl at a gas station a few years ago and told her I liked her dress. I invited her to the ministry I was involved in and the next week she came! She sent me a facebook message that night and told me that she almost killed herself 3 times. Then, someone was nice to her and made her feel included and now she's worshiping God and has ALOT of great friends and mentors.
I'm ALWAYS here to pray for you, listen to you, and help you! Please, the world needs more girls that LOVE God and that act appropriately!

Happy Sunday! :)


  1. LOVE this post Katelyn!! I might link to it in a future blog post of my own. I agree with everything you said 100%!! Especially about the pictures on social media, I think I've made a decision to take off the few pictures of myself that there are on my Facebook in bikinis or other beach attire... the Lord is definitely changing my heart on that subject!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Are we the same person? I love this post.

    I've written a couple of "this is what I want lists and maybe I need to do another but I really need to be praying for him first of all!

    thanks for the reminder.