Saturday, July 6, 2013

North Carolina Trip

I feel like I need to do a "get to know me" post since I haven't blogged in so long. But, I think my week long vacation came at just the right time. I'd gotten so stressed about scheduling posts, linking up, etc. that I was a little burned out. BUT, I'm so refreshed now and have SO many fun posts coming up.
Last year, my grandparents took me and my sister who is a year younger to me on a graduation vacation to Calabash, North Carolina. Calabash is about 15 minutes away from Cherry Grove Beach and about 30 from Myrtle Beach. It's such a fun town and is known as "the seafood capital of the world." Just a mile from our place, there is over 10 seafood restaurants. We had a BLAST last year and were SO excited that they invited us again.
We left last Saturday and came back yesterday. The forecast had rain for EVERY day so we were a little nervous. It rained the first day but it was BEAUTIFUL every other day. We were SO blessed, especially after seeing all the Florida vacationers getting so much rain!
On the way up, we passed the PRETTIEST rainbow.
By the time we got there, we just grabbed some groceries and then headed to our condo for the night.
Sunday morning, we went to church and then ate at The Boundary House. I had the shrimp and it was DELICIOUS. I wish I'd gotten more pictures of the food but we were so hungry I only got a few pictures. :)
We headed to the outlet malls after lunch because it was a little damp. After a year long search, I found the PERFECT pink wristlet that I love. It was originally 198 and I spent a whooping 42 dollars on it. It's adorable. And it's on my Instagram if you want to see. You should all run and buy one. They had a sign on the wall beside the cashier station that I think would be beside my name in the dictionary.
We went back and got ready for the beach, next. The beaches in NC are like little coastal towns. Even though Myrtle Beach is close, we go to Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach when we stay. They were each about 8-10 minutes away and were absolutely GORGEOUS.

 Monday was a little wet when we woke up but the sun came out soon! We spent Monday at the beach, too. Then, we ate at a local seafood place. It was delicious, again. Everything is "famous" for being Calabash style, which is fried. Ha. It was so yummy! All of it!

Then, we headed to Barefoot Landing. This is a shopping complex center type shopping place. It's beautiful. It's in Myrtle Beach! We walked around for a while and visited and shopped.

Lauren and I both picked up a Southern Tide shirt. I follow them on Twitter and Instagram and always wanted to order one but never did so when I saw them in one of the shops, I had to buy one. They were 32.50 and is probably the most comfy T I own.

Tuesday was by far the MOST perfect day!! It was my favorite. We woke up and ate at a Pancake house for breakfast. Then, we decided to head to Southport for the day. Southport is where they filmed the Nicholas Sparks book turned movie "Safe Haven." We ate at a local place for lunch called Fishy Fishy and then went sight seeing.

This is Alex's house in Safe Haven.

They built the grocery store in the movie that burned down JUST for this movie. This is where the store was.

Southport also had some beautiful beaches as well.

We headed to Bald Head Island next. You have to take a ferry to get there and there are no cars allowed on the island. It's BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I want to MOVE to this island. I LOVE the country but island life was perfect for a day. The main reason we went was because of Old Baldy, the lighthouse on the island. I love lighthouses and climbing one was on my bucket list, so I got to cross that off. It was 108 stairs, and it was HARD to climb. Ha. The island is about 17 miles long so we rented a golf cart to go exploring after climbing the lighthouse.

I made it to the TOP!!

Exploring the island was an adventure! There is only golfcarts allowed. There was a huge 4th celebration picnic going on and TONS of parades with local children. It was precious. We explored, went to the beach, saw Cape Fear Peak and then did a little more exploring.

We took a ferry back to Southport that night and ate at another place in Southport. I can't remember the name but I got spaghetti and meatballs. It, of course, was delicious!!

Wednesday was another beach day. Woo hoo!!

We ate at Captain John's and I got the local Calabash dish.

 After eating, we walked down to the water to look at the shrimping boats. We saw a sign that talked about a fireworks cruise so we stopped to find out more. It was a locally, private owned yacht that was being taken out to Cherry Grove to watch fireworks. It was reasonably priced, so we snagged some tickets.

Thursday was our last full day. We headed to the beach for one last time!!

Calabash has the BEST homemade ice cream shops. We stopped at one in Ocean Isle after beaching it for the afternoon.

We got ready for dinner and ate at Ella's. It was delicious. Every meal was delicious. And every meal except one I had shrimp and flounder. Y U M.

Then, we headed to the yacht for the cruise. It was SO fun!

They had patriotic lei's and food and music and everything. And they played Luke Bryan like 5 times. So, you know, it was super fun.

I had a few pictures of fireworks but my phone died. Oh wells.

 We headed back yesterday and we were all so exhausted and sad it was over. It's been the most fun vacation both years. I'm SO thankful for grandparents who are fun and take me places!! Thank you granddaddy and grandmomma!! I can't wait for next year! ;)


  1. I love your post! All of these pictures are beautiful! :)

  2. Your pictures at awesome. That is the cutest town I've ever seen!

  3. Your pictures are awesome. That is the cutest town I've ever seen!

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