Friday, July 12, 2013

the best night of my life: featuring luke bryan.

Well, kids, it looks like I'm God's favorite.
No, seriously.
I met Luke Bryan.
This could be a post all on its own. But, y'all are probably wondering how it all went down, so here goes:
So I woke up like any other day to start off what was the best day of my life around 7 AM yesterday morning. Ha.
Fast forwarding>>> I really wanted this cute dress from Belk but it was sold out. Boo. I went back home and started getting ready when B A M, out of NOWHERE, my back started literally killing me with pain. I have kidney stones and kidney infections sometimes and that is exactly what it felt/feels like but it came out of no where. There was a good 30 minutes that I felt so bad I didn't think I was going to go. I prayed more than I've ever prayed and took more Tylenol than anyone EVER should and the pain eased up. The show started at 7 but we (my sister Lauren and I) know from previous concerts that the local country radio stations do give a ways for meet and greet sometimes. We tried to get meet and greet from the Fan Club but we weren't successful. Anyways, we wanted to get there as early as possible to try to win some passes. Luke's birthday is next week so I told her we should get him a cupcake from Edgar's JUST IN CASE we got to meet him. Ha. Well, we went to Edgar's and I ended up buying a cake. Bahahaha.
 A bit much. I know. Whatever.
So, we head up to the tents to register and wait for the drawings. 102.5 The Bull was doing a booty shaking contest and YOURS TRULY was chosen from over 1,00 entries. Lucky? ;) Well, I shook it but some little tootsie turd with no pants on won so there's that. I was crushed! Ha, all of our attempts were gone. Oh well. I have a Luke Bryan fan friend, Pam, that DID have a meet and greet so I decided to let her take him his cake. I mean, he needed this cake. After I took the cake to her, I sat down on this little bench area because my back started hurting again. It was RIGHT IN FRONT OF where the meet and greet people were walking in. My heart crushed with every person that walked by. Hahaha. When, all of a SUDDEN, these two women holding beers weren't allowed in because they had beers.
Wrong!! They started yelling and "f this and f that" and ripped off their meet and greet passes IN FRONT OF MY EYES. I'm on my death bed, err bench, of death, but I JUMPED up and begged for her pass. She GLADLY just gave it to me and I ran to the gate. But, you know, where's Lauren in all this? She's sitting down watching Florida/Georgia Line. She'll be fine. Whatever. No. I felt horrible. Then, I saw the OTHER girl rip hers off so I ran back and begged for the other girl's pass, too. Again, she just hands it over. So, dying, I RUN back to our seats and just yell and jump up and down in front of Lauren and we RUN to the meet and greet. Whew. I'm exhausted and sweaty. Ha. But, we saw Pam and got the cake back and met that sexy, perfect man. It went exactly like this:
Luke: Hey there darling.
Katelyn: Hey! We brought you a cake. An early birthday cake for next week.
Luke: What? You shouldn't have done that. Thanks for doing that.
Katelyn: Thanks for being born.
(Everyone giggles)
Luke: Want me to sign this ticket?
Katelyn: Please!
Luke: Alright, smile. Hold on, you have a lot of hair. Okay, here we go.
Katelyn: *being smily and giggly and challenged*
(Snaps picture)
Luke: Alright, thank you baby!
I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm gone. Bye.
We are on Cloud 210974389264.
We walk back to our 20th row seats and sit down. 20th row for Luke is perfect, right? I mean, a lot better than being row 500. Well, when you've seen Luke front row twice, NOTHING will ever be as good as front row again.
So, we ventured to the front just to stand around. Security made us leave. Butt heads. Well, there were a few empty third row seats that we just walked up to. 3 minutes later, the lights go down and people start going to the front. Yours truly included. We are FRONT ROW AGAIN!!!! My hands were touching the stage. PERFECTION. I took over 200 pictures before my phone died but I'll leave y'all with the best. So, I met him, hugged him, gave him cake and full on SPANKED his tush during Country Girl. Only fitting, right?
;) I can die happy.


  1. Soooo happy for you! I know how much you love Luke! ;-) Sounds like the best night ever!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. LUCKY girl! Im seeing Luke on Sunday! So excited!

  3. Whoooo hoooooo!!!!! So happy for you!

  4. So freaking happy for you girl! I know you can die a happy lady with all your accomplishments. How was that tushy of his?

  5. OMG!! Our stories of this night are almost identical!!! I too am very much obsessed with Mr. Luke Bryan aka Lukey Duke lol! My attempt for meet & greet with fan club was unsuccessful too. I left work and hauled butt home to try & didn't make it. The day of the concert I sat outside in the parking lot "stalking" the buses in hopes of getting a peek at him & luckily that came true! I just so happened to park in the exact spot there was a big gap in the fence, saw Luke come out and sit down and get his hair cut! I yelled "HEY LUUUUKE!!" and waved and he actually waved back! I was thrilled & even more eager to meet him!

    Heard about the booty shaking contest and I too was luckily drawn to participate! I was walking across the parking lot when they called my name so I took off running!! Keep in mind, I don't run especially after having 2 kids! So I get up there out of breath, about to pass out and tell them I'm Holly!!!!! That "tootsie turd with no pants on" beat me out too grrrrrrrr!!! Absolutely LOVE that referral to her bahahahaha! She had no butt to shake, but whatever.

    Another similarity, I had 20th row seats & snuck down to the empty 3rd row seats too. Just like you said, the lights went down and I ran, pushed, shoved my way to the stage!! BEST night of my life! A picture & meet and greet with LB would've definitely been the icing on the cake, but I'll keep trying!

    So happy you got to meet him though & not just that little tootsie turd!!! =)

  6. OMG! Our stories are so alike from that fantastic day, except I sadly didn't get to meet Luke. I too struggle with kidney infections and had some issues going on that day. I wasn't able to get the M&G with the fan club either. HEART BROKEN! So I stalked the buses ALL morning before the show in hopes of seeing Luke, and I actually got to!!! I saw him sit outside his bus and get his hair cut for like 20 mins! I yelled "HEY LUUUUKE!!!" and waved and he waved back so I was giggling and jumping up and down! Anyways, I too was lucky enough to get drawn for the booty shaking contest. That tootsie turd with no pants on beat me out too grrrrrrrrrr!

    My seats were 20th row too, but I snuck down to a couple open seats on 3rd row. Like you said, the lights went down and we pushed, shoved, ran to the stage! Got to grab on his legs and that was my crown royal mini he drank from and handed back to me!!! Saving it forever! LOL.

    Glad one of us REAL fans got to meet him though, happy for ya girl!

  7. You really don't know how jealous I am of you, RIGHT NOW! Those are amazing pictures! You are so funny!

    So happy you got to meet him!

  8. So flipping jealous!We had to sell our tickets on thursday afternoon and I was so upset about it. But things happen. You are so lucky!! and those girls are stupid! Who wouldn't give up a beer to meet LUKE?! Something is for sure wrong with those ladies, but good thing because it was you destiny! Haha I love that he told you that you have a lot of hair!