Tuesday, August 27, 2013

adopt a soldier.

Have you ever just had a really good day?
A good day that was good for no in particular reason? That was my day today! I woke up in a good mood and just decided to have a good day!
I had my fair share of challenges as well. Challenges as in the air went out at work and I've never sweated at work as much as I did today. I work at a vet and the entire "office" part was literally hades on earth. The sweet pups in the back, however, were nice and cool. I wanted to take my work to the back and sit down next to my fave dogs in the kennel. It was hot.
But, it was still fun. I'm thinking about majoring in Bulletin Boards as a minor in case nursing doesn't work out. Haha. I love being creative!
Anyways, on the way home, I got not one but TWO sweet emails from people telling me that they are new readers here! They were both so genuine and said SUCH nice words! Thank you girls!

I got an email from an advertising company that I thought slipped through from my Junk folder today. But, I'm so glad that it did.
It was from a military support team asking to donate money to send to troops. While it seemed super sketchy, it got me thinking. Even though it seems like everyone is at home with their families and that there is no fighting or serving in the military, there still is very much a need to support our military men and women.
I did a little research and came across a website where you can "adopt" a soldier. It only costs about 20 dollars a year to join the organization, but you are an "official" member and adopt a soldier. The rules, so to speak, ask that you send one letter a week and one care package a month.

That's so easy to do for someone who is fighting and putting their life at risk every day just so I can sit here and type this. I LOVE this idea. So, I signed up in a hurry and already have been assigned my first soldier. YAY!!!

Writing letters and sending gifts is RIGHT up my alley. Hope this guy doesn't mind!!
Speaking of doing good deeds...
I am a member of a small Southern Baptist Church. This past Sunday, everyone in the congregation received a card with a chaplain that we could pray for. I saw three cards sitting in seats where no one walked in and sat down, so I grabbed them!! I'm currently praying and trying to email four chaplains. It's so fun to put a face and story with my prayers! I've already received an email back from one of them.

So, I'm going to ask y'all to help me pray for these Chaplains and to pray that I'm a good example of Christ's love to my newly adopted soldier! :)
Short and to the point tonight! Hope y'all don't mind! :)


  1. Dear Katelyn,

    I just want to thank you for your blog post and tweets. They are blessed by God. I'm coming to your blog asking for prayers. My life has been crazy and painful for some time now. I met this guy and fell into sexual sin. I am hurting for I sinned against my heavenly father and myself. I could also be facing a pregnancy I did not plan. My heart is hurting, I feel like a failure and broken in two. Do you think you could pray for me? I know you're busy with nursing school and life in general. Thank you for setting a standered of a lady for younger girls. I wish I could have someone like you to talk too.

    God bless.

    - broken and hurting.

  2. I know you will put together the most wonderful notes & packages! What a great idea!!