Monday, August 19, 2013

final bucket list update and fall bucket list.

Well, I started school today.
Woo hoo!!!
I always said if being a student was a profession, that would be my job. Then, I went to nursing school. That lovely material is H A R D. Anyways, if you pray, I would like to ask now that you add me to every prayer list you have or know of to stay focused and determined this semester.
Summer is over and I accomplished SO much this summer. There are only a handful of items that I didn't do (go to six flags, go to Paula Deen's restaurant, or kill an alligator). In my defense, alligator season isn't even until September-and I'm still working on this item. Six Flags is scheduled for October and Paula Deen's place is scheduled for December. I did finish a few more on my list this past weekend, though.
1. Get a fake tattoo.
When I made this item on the list, I was hoping to get some super presh henna tattoo with an amazingly philosophical quote. Then, I realized that summer ended yesterday so I settled for this buck tattoo I found in the floor board of the car. Winning.
2. Make homemade popsicles.
Done. And delicious. I'm actually attempting to eat one while posting this. Easy, too! See previous post for instructions!

3. Go camping.
4. Have a sleepover over on the back porch.
Or spend the night on the back porch while camping. I'm a genius, I know.
Hey, it's my bucket list so I make the rules. ;) My BFF Chandler spent the night and my 29 dollar tent (that was originally 109 dollars) has a sky view opening that we watched all night. It was so fun! Woo hoo!!

I did so many things this summer that I normally wouldn't just wake up and decide to do. I got to climb an incredible lighthouse on Bald Head Island. The view from the top was incredible. It was so hot and hard walking up over 100 spiral, little stairs, but so worth it. I put meet a celebrity on my list and low and behold, I meet THE celebrity- Mr. Luke Bryan himself. It was an absolutely amazing summer! I got to vacation with both sets of grandparents as well as my whole family. I got to experience lots of new things with my best friends and work on my "wife" skills learning to make pies, ice cream and jam.

By far, the best summer of my life!!!
The second part of this post is my F A L L Bucket List. I've decided I want to make a bucket list each season or at least once a year or so. It challenges me and gives me a guideline to never get board and try new things.
I hope y'all will join me and make one! Make sure to comment or email me if you do! I would LOVE to keep up!!

1. Go to as many Alabama Football games as possible.
2. Go to six flags for fright fest.
3. Throw the best second birthday bash for niece, Ava Claire.
4. Go to a pumpkin patch.
5. Learn to shoot a bow.
6. Kill a deer with a bow (or gun).
7. Work on that "hunting an alligator" task.
8. See Luke Bryan as much as possible. (4 different concert dates already bought!!)
9. Meet AJ McCarron.
10. Make apple butter.
11. Make apple cider.
12. Make another Luke Bryan pumpkin.
13. Have a bonfire.
14. Go picking cotton.
15. Go to the fair.
16. Go to a corn maze.
17. Make a big pile of leaves and then jump in them.
18. Dress my dog up for Halloween.
19. Go on a lot of hikes.
20. Have a fish fry. (aka catfish dinner)

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