Monday, September 23, 2013

high school

Do you have a moment that you wish you could call "re-do" on? Do you have a day that you said something that literally changed the course of your life that you would take back if you could? If you don't, good for you but I don't think that a lot of y'all fall into this category.
After I hired a stat counter analyzer for my blog, we found that 87% of the people that visited my blog over a 4 week period were females (obvs) in the 16-19 year old category.
Hold up. I'm trying to fit in with these twenty something post grad blogs with recipes and giveaways and I end up with teeny girls reading.
Then, it hit me.
To reach girls. To reach the loners, the outcasts, the popular group, everyone. I just had such a crappy senior year with friends abandoning me (for no good reason, really) that I wanted to help other girls in any way so they didn't have to sit at home every night and battle negative voices in their heads.
I want girls who don't have a father figure to realize that God is their father. And that's the only real father figure they need.
My dad is awesome. He's provided and spent and went and did everything for all five of us. He's put all five of us (and continues to) through private school, built us a 7,000 square foot house, bought us cars, paid for college, etc. etc. etc.
BUT, my dad is not affectionate. He doesn't say "I love you" a lot. He shows it. He acts on what he promises. He's sacrificed his LIFE for his family. But, sometimes, all you need to hear is "I love you."
I always heard that from God. I had/have a great relationship with God. I'm not perfect, I'm not gorgeous, I'm not Einstein but I'm Katelyn. And he loves me just the way I am.
I don't regret my high school years. They were fun. They were exciting. They were eye opening. One thing, they weren't, however, was fulfilling. I had a group of friends that went and partied after prom and I didn't. The next Monday at school, no one would sit with me at lunch. No one would talk to me. No one would interact with me at all. And, to this day, I have no clue why. I was a very "good" girl in high school but I didn't rat out others. That's what God and a conscious is for. You deal with the consequences.
I went to college and had the best experience. Through situations, I have the best five friends that anyone could ask for. They encourage me. They support me. They have fun with me.
It's a win win situation.
My brother is a sophomore. He's on varsity football now so we're all about every game. This information is only necessary to say I'm around the "high school" scene again. And, oh my goodness, let me tell you, the girls these days are extremely rude and ignorant.
I feel like every girl has an awkward stage where she has to figure out which road she's going to take. She's either going to be a) the girl who tries to be everyone's friend and live the way God calls us to or b) the girl who rebels to the extreme. In my observations, there is rarely a middle ground. I was, of course, girl A and to this day, I'm still girl A. I want to smile at someone or be the reason someone has a good day. I don't want to ever be the mean girl. There's enough of them.
It breaks my heart to read and hear and see what some of these girls are going through. I feel like most of the time when girls tear someone else down it's because of their own insecurities. If you're confident (not cocky, there's a difference) in who you are and WHOSE you are, your life will definitely reflect it. Tearing down another girl with words or actions doesn't make you a better person.
It's high school. Not everyone is going to like you. But, don't give them a reason to not like you. Remember the phrase "kill them with kindness"??? Well, do that. Kill that mean girl with kindness. It's SO much easier to build someone up. It's so much more rewarding and fun to be the nice girl.

I'm so tired of seeing girls degrade women as a whole because of their crappy actions. Pull your shirt up. Cover your boobs and butt. There's a place you show all that and it isn't at a football game. It's behind closed doors once you're married. Talk appropriately. Calling so and so a "b" this and "b" that doesn't make you "cool" or "bad," it makes you unintelligent and basic. Watch the way you present yourself as a whole, especially around boys.
I'm harder on guys sometimes because it's easier to blame them for their actions versus taking responsibility for your own actions. But, it's the girls these days I have a problem with. Just from being a super football fan this year, I've met so many incredible guys who play hard, work hard and who are polite. There are SO many respectable guys that are out there, especially for the high school aged people right now.

Trust. It's hard being 23 and not having a lot of options because so many guys are cocky and rude.
While you're still in high school, be the nice person. Respect your teachers. Respect your parents. Respect yourself enough to not cause yourself or others to stumble.
There was a little girl sitting behind me at the football game tonight who said she wanted to be just like so  and so when she grew up and her mother literally got on to her because she said that the girl she mentioned wasn't good news.
There's a generation of girls (and guys) following your footsteps and paths. Make sure you're taking the right path and leaving big enough footsteps for them to fill.

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  1. This was such a great post! What a blessing to know that you are reaching high school aged girls and they are seeing such a positive role model! God is definitely using you for wonderful things! :)