Friday, September 20, 2013

Ippolita Event at Saks

I'm back in the groove of blogging. Everyone all together now: Y A Y !!!
I have so many fun and exciting posts coming up and I cannot wait to tell y'all about some surprises as well.

I was approached by the sweetest lady, Elizabeth, a while back. Elizabeth works for Saks and invited me as a Birmingham blogger to some amazing fashion month events.

I cannot attend most of them due to nursing school. Everyone all together now: B O O !!!
Ha. But, every show that I am able to attend, you better believe I will be there! 

I had the opportunity to go to the Ippolita Jewerly trunk show yesterday.

The pieces that were showcased were jaw dropping. It was a one day trunk show and it featured absolutely perfect pieces. These showcases pieces will go back into the vault in New York so to own one of these pieces is amazing. If only it was closer to my birthday, I would have totally splurged on a piece. 

I am going to post some of the showcase pieces first followed by my dream Ippolita ring that is available at Saks now. I also have a list of prices on these pieces, so if you need more information, email me and I'll get you whatever you need. You can special order most of these pieces from Saks if you see something you like! :)






This is my dream ring!!!


Drool away, ladies!
Thank you to Elizabeth, Ippolita and all the amazing and helpful employees for an amazing afternoon!


  1. Oh I'm loving that ring. You can gift that to me and baby in March. HA! =)

  2. How fun! That ring is beautiful!