Sunday, September 15, 2013

stop stopping yourself

This is my first "scheduled" post. I am writing this on Saturday night. It is suppose to post at 11:30. We will see how this goes... :)

I've come to some conclusions lately.
1. I would be an excellent football coach.
2. I do my best thinking at night.

I've never been one to really be "shy" about what I believe in or why I believe what I do. I became a Christian when I was 6 years old and I've never been taught to "hold back" my faith, beliefs or convinctions for anyone. I love that about the way I was raised.

I had a dream childhood. I had everything I needed and wanted-and I still do. I don't say that to sound bratty or stuck up but I do say that because so many girls will email me and ask me for advice on what they should do about abusive relationships, eating disorders and suicidial thoughts. Now, while I am honored that these girls are reaching out to me, I use to feel like I couldn't do anything but PRAY for them because I didn't really know what else to do.

Then, about 2 months ago, while I trying to go to sleep one night, it hit me. I can do more than just pray. I can encourage these girls, talk to them on a daily basis and connect them with other girls with similar stories.

I literally had 10 emails sitting in my inbox of "situations" or "problems" these girls were facing. My generic response would always be that I was sorry that they were going through this and that I was praying for them. And, while I WAS extremely hurt that they were going through these situations and I WAS praying for them, I wanted to do more. I started just getting to know them over the past few weeks. Y'all wouldn't believe the power that "getting to know someone" has on their (and my) life. Several of these girls are seeking help for eating disorders, one has ended an abusive relationship and one ended a relationship where sex was the focus.

And, the more they told me about their situations, every single one of them all mentioned how good just talking helped. Isn't that amazing?? Yes, I know that we are busy and I know that sending an email to a girl with a "problem" might not be at the top of your list. But, if that isn't, then what is?

...checking your social media
....just being lazy

It doesn't take an act of congress to respond and encourage people. It only takes TIME. And, if you honestly don't have any time to pray for or encourage another girl, then you are too busy.

I harp on the way men should act on Twitter all the time. I honestly believe what I tweet. I've either learned first hand or seen my friends or sisters go through stuff that I would like to save other girls from going through. I've had multiple hate emails about how I should be careful what I say, etc. But, hey, if the only reason girls are giving into pressure by men and dating losers because "they don't know any better," then it's not because I didn't say/do everything in my power. This blog doesn't reach thousands of people everyday. But, you know what, it has reached at least ten that I know of that have reached out to me and I've gotten to know them. If that was the sole purpose of this blog-to meet and pray for and help women realize their potential in life-then that is more than enough f0r me.

I also understand that it's really easy to point a finger at men and say "do this or do that." But, what about the three fingers pointing back at us, the female population. I've also written my share of posts on the way I belive that a woman should act and the BIBLICAL way a woman should act. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to educate women and more importantly, to EMPOWER them to be all that they can be.

I ran across an article on FOX NEWS last week about Miss Kansas. (hey, y'all better be staying current on world/nation events) Miss Kansas is the first woman that will be competing in Miss America that will bare tattoos. She has one large tattoo on her rib cage of the Serenity Prayer and an embelm to celebrate the military on the other side. She isn't your average beauty queen. She is extremely gorgeous and fit, but more importantly, she is herself. She believes in God, she is a good person and she isn't covering up who she is. I encourage y'all to read some more about her here.

This post is all over the place in theory and ideas but I hope y'all can see my heart behind it all. As women, I wish we would ALL do a better job of encouraging and supporting each other. I will never understand the competiveness among women today. The only person that you should ever compete with is yourself. Every single one of us are on different paths and roads and to do to compare and do what so and so is doing because you want to be them is not smart. If there is a quality about someone that you want, then you have every right to possess the same qualities. I may never be a member of the UN or travel the world 10 times and cure diseases but I will do absolutely everything in my power to be a kind and supportive and gentle woman. I will pursue my dreams and I will not step down or over for anyone. I will support other women. I will pray for anyone. I want people to hear my name and think of someone who tries her hardest, who strives to always be a better person and someone who didn't sit around and wait for things to happen for me.

Life is way too short to just sit and wait. You want a tattoo? Go get one. (with parental consent, y'all.)
You want to be a doctor? Be one.
You want to skydive? Well, go.

But don't you ever lay your head down at night feeling defeated by yourself. I'm always an email or phone call away. I'll pray for you. I'll listen to you. I'll try to help you be a better YOU! :)
Happy Sunday!!

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  1. Hi. My name is Katie and Jesus used your blog to change my life. I was always a loner in school and didn't have a good family life. I was on Twitter one night after deciding that living life wasn't worth it looking for a last minute save. One of my friends had tweeted this link and I decided to read it. I realized that I am worth it, the Jesus loves me and that I can be something great. Jesus used you to save my life. Thank you.