Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i'm over girls.

I've been ashamed quite a few times as a woman at the way my gender behaves but today has seriously set a pretty low bar to break. And, no, that isn't a good thing.

I preach and harp and beg and plead for women to act like, well, like a woman. It doesn't bother me to straight up call you out on being anything less than what the definition of a woman should be. Why do you think that men aren't gentlemen anymore?


Case in point- this weekend. My sister and I went to Nashville to see Luke Bryan. I have never in my entire life seen more skanky dressed women. Like, it's a country concert. Put on a plaid shirt and some boots and you're good. There is no need to have a dress that is so short I can literally see your panties. There's no need for that at all. I can't even imagine how that is comfortable to dance and have fun when all you are doing is worrying about if your panties are showing. And the boobs. Oh my goodness. Put your boobs away. I don't get it.

Obviously, I'm no Victoria Secret model so I don't want to show off my boobs or butt. I can honestly say, though, that if I DID have the kind of body, I'd still not want to flaunt it. Flaunting your body is like prostitution if you really think about it. You are "advertising" your goods in hopes that someone will "buy" what you have to offer. And, ladies, your worth does not equal sex.

Your worth is equal to intelligence, kindness, integrity, humor, purity and faith. If your worth doesn't equal that, then it should.

The other half of what has sent me over the edge is the behavior of women in general from the way you talk to the way you act. If you are tweeting about what you would do with Luke Bryan in a shower, I'm unfollowing you. That is TOTALLY disrespectful. You can be a fan of someone without making sexual advances towards them every 140 characters you type. Think about it. If you were married to a man, would you really want to see other girls inviting him to bed every night? No, didn't think so.

Talking and dressing appropriate never leaves you feeling guilty. Acting like a lady will ONLY build your self esteem. You'll never regret leaving a date sober and remembering everything that happened the next day. If you are acting like a lady, you won't wake up in some guy's bed and feel horrible about yourself. Women today treat sex like it's holding hands. Like, one date should not be enough for you to want to sleep with a man.

I mean, obviously, I don't think that you should be sleeping with someone until you are married, anyways. Sex is the most intimate and most uniting thing that you could do with a man. Why would you want to cross that kind of boundary with no commitment or promise from a man. Marriage and the promises you make on that day are SUPPOSE to be a forever thing. Both guys and girls have asked me questions about why I believe this way. Well, for one, I can honestly say that I've never met a couple that waited to marriage for sex who has regretted it. Never. Ever. People ask me why I think it's a problem to have sex before marriage because they need to "try it out." I've tweeted this before, but, if you are a Christian and you love God and honor him with your entire being (including no sex until marriage), do you think you should be worrying about how good the sex will be when you're married? I'm pretty sure God will reward you for your patience. Just saying...

I can only think of a handful of my closest friends who support what I believe in 100%. And that took all 23 years of my life to find friends who support what I believe in. I believe that a woman shouldn't dress scandalous because your beauty comes from within. And there's no real good way to wear your heart outwardly, so let your actions do the advertising.

I don't think that you should "party" to get guys. I've been to bars before. I'm not saying that going to a bar is bad. I'm saying that going to a bar in hopes of getting drunk and going home with your future husband IS wrong. You could totally meet your husband in a bar while you are completely sober enjoying their company. I don't want to look for a man. I want to be on my path that God has for me and when the time is right, the man he has for me will have a path that intersects with mine and that's when I'll be in a relationship. It breaks my heart to see so many girls on so many detours of their path just because they want a boyfriend or valentine. Just because you are alone does not mean that you have to be lonely.

Not at all.

I mean, I know this is a super out there idea for a lot of people but what about actually getting to know someone? I mean, more than 4 word texts that y'all exchange all day. I don't want to get to know someone over texts. I want face to face quality time with them. I think so many relationships and marriages fail today because we rely way too much on technology. I mean, a good morning text is nice but I don't want that to define my relationship. I don't want my quality time with a guy to be filled with sports and weather talk, either. Get to know them for who they are. Why are they the way they are? What's their favorite thing about their parents or the world or God? Don't fill all your time together with nonsense, get to know them. It's hard enough to keep someone's attention these days with all the technology. Leave your IPhones in the car over dinner or wherever you go. I've experienced girls trying so hard to be "sexy" and "flirty" that no guy is going to try to get to know you more than get to know you physically. I'm not saying be a mystery nun but if they start being seductive or flirtatious, you don't have to play back.

You don't have to demand respect, the way you live your life should command it. You can have a fun time in life without being seductive or drunk or overly sexual in your conversations. I'm a super fun person and I'm never really any of those things.

If a guy opens the door for you, say thank you.
If a guy takes you to dinner without an invitation to sleep over at his house, be thankful.
If a guy looks you in the eyes when he talks to you, listen.
You'll attract the right guy if you live the right kind of life. There are men out there that will treat you properly and not like a piece of property when you are living the way you should. There are good men in the world but there seems to be a lack of good women, currently. So, start being a lady and you'll notice more gentlemen.



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  1. You Katelyn are the BEST. I LOVE this. I am about to pin this on Pinterest! I agree with you 100% on everything! Why can't we just hang out and be best firends already?! Hahaha.

    xoxo Miss ALK