Sunday, October 13, 2013

luke bryan: round 1 & 2

I wish every month could be filled with country concerts and hunky men like October has been so far. I started off seeing Dylan Scott earlier this month at Rogue in Birmingham. He is AMAAZING. He is from Louisiana and he is an incredible singer! He is coming back on Tuesday to Tin Roof in Birmingham so if you're not doing anything, you should definitely stop by. He has a single out now on the radio titled "Making This Boy Go Crazy" and you can purchase his EP here

I mean, obviously, you should all be a fan. ;)

Okay, so then, as most of you know via Instagram and Twitter, my sister and I have embarked on a two week stretch of Luke Bryan. My friend Shelby and I saw Luke in Villa Rica, Georgia on Wednesday and my sister and I saw him in Auburn on Thursday. 

I can't even begin to describe the type of live, full show that Luke Bryan puts on. I don't care who you are, you CANNOT go to a Luke Bryan concert and not have the absolute time of your life. It's literally impossible. Ha.

Wednesday was amazing! The only thing I forgot about is that Georgia is an hour ahead of us so we planned on getting there when the gates opened to park but we ended up there an hour late. Luke Bryan's stage for Farm Tour is a big "T" shaped catwalk. It was amazing. He likes the middle to front part of the catwalk so we had a perfect view of his butt the whole time. Not complaining. 

After it was over, we drove back home to Birmingham. I got in bed at 2:45 AM and woke up at 7:00 AM Thursday morning to get ready for Auburn. Lauren and I got to Auburn way before 2, of course. The police were more strict than any other Farm Tour stop we've made and said they wouldn't be opening the gates to park and tailgate until 2 PM sharp.Well, I guess we were just annoying because they ended up opening the gates at 1:30 PM. Lauren got out while I went to park and we were officially second and third in line. Ha. 

Okay, so I'm working on a post entitled "How to Survive Farm Tour" because Farm Tour is so brutal. It's first come, first serve to the best seats so you have to stick it out to get good seats. This means being in some sort of line for at least 3 hours and then standing at a stage for at least another 2 hours before Luke even plays. It helps that he has amazing opening acts, but after standing in the sun for 5 hours, I just kind of want to see Luke. :) No offense to the others. Ha. 

Okay, so the three hour waiting in line period consisted of me meeting some other Luke fans in front of us that hopefully we can meet up with in Nashville!!! The other part of the waiting period was instructing Lauren on where to run when gates opened to get the best seats ossible. I grew a T and exactly 15 times went over where for Lauren to run.

It's crazy because at 5:00 when gates open, everyone RUNS to the stage. It's Lauren's job to run because a) she's a better runner and b) I'm laughing too hard at everyone else to run myself. There will be girls in dresses and high heeled boots that will fall. I counted 8 people that fell running to the stage on Thursday. I'm laughing so hard and running so fast I can BARELY even make it to the stage myself. Ha. I finally get to where I instructed Lauren where to go. And guess what, she's NOT THERE. I'm looking around and finally see her on the wrong side of the "T." There was just enough room for 2 more people RIGHT AT THE STAGE where I made it to so I yelled for Lauren and she eventually came over beside me.

It was amazing. Our elbows were once again, as usual, on the stage. The first time I saw Luke Bryan with Jason Aldean, we had crappy seats. I've seen Luke 5 times since then and EVERY TIME, it's been front row, hands touching the stage scenarios. I'm never going to be able to watch him if I'm not at the stage now. Here's hoping that we continue the trend in Nashville this weekend.

Okay, so the tricky part of Farm Tour in Auburn is that I had a meet and greet. Awesome, right? Right. It is. Butttttt, there is NO assigned seats. And there has to be like 20,000 people like sardines. Basically, moving once you've claimed a spot is IMPOSSIBLE. The meet and greet time said to meet at the back gate at 7:05 PM. I wasn't too concerned about getting out but I was totally concerned about getting back in. I mean, I'd be mad if some girl kept trying to get by me.

Well, by God's grace I make it out to the back gate alive. I was only called an a**hole maybe 15 times. Woo. Anyways, after Vanilla Mike told us the rules of the m&g, etc. we walked back to meet him. I was SO nervous, again. I mean, yes, I met him in Birmingham but I felt like death and it wasn't planned, so I didn't really have time to be nervous. This time, however, I thought about what I wanted to say all day. Did I say anything that I planned? Of course not.

Here's how it went down:

LUKE: Hey girl!
KATELYN: Hey, I met you in Birmingham. I brought you the birthday ---
LUKE: CAKE! Cake and curls, I remember you!!
KATELYN: I'm sorry, what? You do? Yeah, I brought the cake. 

(what a dumb response, whatever.) 
LUKE: Ready for the picture?
KATELYN: Yes, but I'm on my bad side and you clearly don't have a bad side, so we need to switch places.
LUKE: chuckling switches places
KATELYN: Thanks Luke!
LUKE: Thanks for coming! Have fun tonight!
KATELYN: (walking away) YOU TOO!!!
(again, what a tard.) 

Kind of awesome, right? I mean, I think Luke Bryan is the most attractive man on the planet but he is married. So, I just want to be his best friend, you know? 

HAAAAA. Okay, so now the tricky part. There's 25,000 people out in a field and I'm about to fight my way back through probably at least 30% of them. Awesome. Like I said earlier, though, we had made some friends in line. And one of those friends, Anne, had a m&g, too. She is tiny and cute and fun but she CHARGED back through the crowd to our spots. INCREDIBLE. I never thought I'd ever get back to my front row spot but somehow, it happened. 

I have a Luke Bucket List that I obviously need to modify because there was just a couple on there: meet luke, make a sign that he notices, be on LBTV, make him remember me, and selfies with Luke. 

My sign I made for the Birmingham concert landed my sister and I on LBTV and I've met him twice. The only thing left was selfies with Luke. Selfies with Luke? Let me explain.

Every show, Luke will sing several different songs: Suntan City or If You Aint Here to Party. Sometimes, he will sing both. And, it's during these times that he will randomly take people's phone from the crowds and lay down on the stage and take selfies with you. He may take a selfie of himself or his crotch, too. Anyways, after seeing it all go down Wednesday in Villa Rica, GA, something inside of me just knew he would pick me Thursday. When it comes to my Luke experiences, it has been nothing but pure luck. Some people have strategies and have so much more invested in all of it but mine is just luck. So, Luke starts to sing Suntan City and I see him started looking in our direction. I had announced what has happening earlier so, of course, every girl was shoving their phone up in the air. I just kind of held my up in a care free way when it happened. I mean, full eye contact, he looked right at me and took my phone. 

This is my thoughts at this point:


Yes. Complete Chaos. 

He turns around, lays down on the stage and starts to take a picture. It was then that approximately 14 little girls behind me started to reach to grab his hat and hair. He kept right on singing but started to shake his head at all the hands. Those little girls were going to ruin it for me and I had exactly .9 seconds to figure out what to do. So, I did what was logical. I started elbowing them to move. Ha. Luke then resumes position and snaps the picture.  I (and some other lucky ladies) HAVE A SELFIE with LUKE!!! I mean, how do you recover from said experience? You don't. That's right. Ha.

Of course, the rest of the concert was amazing. His 6 minute edition of Country Girl to close out the show is probably the best 6 minute video I'll ever have. 

I know this is a long post and all, but so many people have asked me about how it all happened and 140 characters on Twitter just isn't enough. Ha.

I'm seeing Dylan Scott again this Tuesday!!! YAYYY!!! Then, I'm seeing Brett Eldredge on Wednesday night. My sister and I are heading to Nashville on Friday to see Luke that night and Saturday night as well. I get to meet Luke Friday night and I'm counting on another selfie. I mean, maybe? :)

So, as you can see, October is hot country man month. And, I am NOT complaining!! :)
Happy Sunday! 


  1. I am So very jealous of you right now! Luke Bryan is WONDERFUL and you have some awesome memories!

  2. He held your phone! SQUEAL!!!
    You are having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!! I love it!