Monday, October 21, 2013

the best week of my life. ever.

As a blogger, I've NEVER had so much anticipation built up about one post as much I have built up for today. 

**DISCLAIMER** There are A LOT of attractive men in the pictures in this post so just beware. If you have high blood pressure, you may need to have your medication handy. 

Alright, here we go.

So, two weeks ago now is when what I like to call "Luke Bryan: Round 1" started. Two days of Farm  Tour and one meet and greet is what that glorious week entailed. I also have already written about it so while it is far from boring material, I have tons of new material to share. Ha!

So, rewind with me to Tuesday of last week. I had the perfect line up of concerts. Dylan Scott, who I told y'all about last post, was back in Birmingham at Tin Roof. So, naturally, we had to go! My friend Hannah and I went and it was so fun. It would have been SUPER fun if there wasn't a 12 year old boy standing right in front of me the whole time (the only thing separating me from the stage) but oh well. Still an incredible show nonetheless. 


 Hannah and I had seen him once before as an opening act for Gary Allen so it was so fun to see him in a full show setting. And he ended with the cupid shuffle. So, yeah, it was fun. :)

Then, on Wednesday night of last week, Brett Eldredge was coming to Tin Roof as well. It was only a 10 dollar charge so again, no brainer, to go! Hannah and I went along and saw him play.

 This time, we were literally front row. Tin Roof doesn't have a big stage at all and it's not lifted so said hot man (Brett) was inches from us all night. 

And it was perfect. He recently released a full album and I don't skip any of the songs when I listen to him. He is so good. Brett is a little more known so he had "scheduled" meet and greet before the show began. I don't know how the people got meet and greet but I'm working on it because we are going to see him in Decatur in November! I didn't know about the meet and greet before hand so once we learned about it, I was more determined than ever to get a picture with him. I mean, you see him right? And he puts his singleness on Twitter on the daily (or so it seems) so I at least had to try. 

And, of course, he took a selfie with us from stage.


(sorry not sorry for the iphone photos, I'll never be a blogger with a great camera)

Ha! Being the lucky girls we are, we found his bus. It wasn't like it was hiding or anything, it was just parked on the street. So, we waited for maybe 10 minutes when his precious manager opened the bus door and OFF WALKS BRETT!!! Okay, everyone, let's recap. Hannah and I are standing there with one random couple and he comes off the bus to meet us. It was love. And he is so pretty. 


 I mean, he even put on the navy jacket to match me. Adorbs.

After the heartbreaking goodbye we had with Brett, we headed home.

So, then on Thursday I have to keep my composure at clinicals all day like I'm not about to see Luke Bryan's fervently shaking his hips for the next two nights in a row. I was worthless at clinicals.

So, FINALLY, it's Friday!!! My sister, Lauren, is the other half of me. And she is the one who mostly goes with me on these journeys. We leave Birmingham at about 10:00 and make it to Nashville around 1:30. We went straight to the Bridgestone Arena to get in line. 


This is where I need to clear another misconception up. I agree that I am EXTREMELY lucky when it comes to Luke, but you also have to do your homework and work for front row seats. The Bridgestone Arena has standing pit and that is what our tickets were. So, you were guaranteed a pit spot but you decided where you wanted to stand based on how early you got there. The early you get there, the better seats you get. It's simple logic, really.

So, we sit down inside the arena and get our waiting on until doors open at 6 PM. While we are waiting, though, we had some visitors. Kent, Luke's drummer, and Michael, Luke's photographer/videographer came out the main doors to say hey to some of us sitting there. So, naturally, we got pictures.

Michael, aka Black Mike


Kent, one of my favorite drummers

Okay, so after they disappear back into the great arena to go hang with Luke, we all start getting a little antsy. I mean, running to the stage for a Luke Bryan concert is the equivalent to running a 13 mile marathon. They should make a sticker for the back window of your car like they do for runners but instead of 13.2 it just say "I won the Luke Bryan race." or something like that. :)

The doors opened at 6. So exactly from 5:47 until we arrived at the stage, my heart rate was literally 200. I know because a) I could feel it and b) I could see it beating through my shirt. 


I have lectured Lauren plenty of times on where to run and how fast to run. And, obviously, it paid off. We have the tickets scanned and run like Obama is behind us. Seriously, I don't run. But for Luke, you run. Ha. So, after being scolded by exactly 8 workers at the Bridgestone to stop running (sorry guys!!), we make it.

We both had meet and greets for Friday's show, too. This is where it gets tricky. We were suppose to meet outside of 117 at 7:45 to go meet Luke. So, from 6:00 until 7:30 we kissed UP to the people around us to save our spots. I even got his autograph for the girl behind me as a form of payment. I mean, I have his autograph, like 3 times, so I didn't mind. So, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter,  you know that I brought Luke a gift! My very awesome boss, Holly, makes hand stamped jewelry and she made him a custom, stainless steel guitar pick with "dirt road diary" on one side and "luke bryan" on the other side. It was perfect and he LOVED it! There is a picture of it on IG and Twitter but it's not letting me post here so make sure you go see it!! :)

So, we are finally in the meet and greet room and in walks Luke. I always make Lauren go first so if she says something dumb, I learn from her. Hahaha. Well, she went first and didn't look stupid. And he called her baby and darling and darling again all within a 12 second time frame. So, then, obviously, it's myyyyy turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go (I'm getting good at these dialouges):

Katelyn: Hey Luke, I've met you twice but I'm Katelyn.
 Luke: Curls. I'm Luke. Nice to meet you, again.

(YALL, HE REMEMBERS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Katelyn: (trying not to die of happiness) I brought you a gift!
Luke: Oh, thank you, darling. What is it? (opens it up) I love it. I've never gotten a personalized guitar pick.
Katelyn: Well, you know, first time for everything.

laughing. lol. haha. from both of us.

Luke: Thank you so much for coming. I hope you enjoy it tonight.
Katelyn: Oh, I will.


This is where an epic third meet and greet photo would be inserted but said photo isn't available yet. 

These photos, however, are. :)





I could say a lot about his show but I just love watching him perform. He is the nicest and most genuine "star" I've ever met. And, you know, clearly I'm on a roll with meeting them. Ha. Honestly, though, I've never heard of or seen an artist say "thank you" as much as he does. He treats his entire "team" as family and is just a good guy. He doesn't come flying in or have 18 wardrobe changes and his concerts are the best shows I've ever been to. He deserves everything that he is getting right now and I'm so glad to be a fan!! :)

Okay, enough mushiness. So, Saturday, we wake up to do it all over again. Lauren talked me into making the horrible mistake of stopping at Krystal's on Friday and we were starving by 4 PM. So, Saturday, we decided to have a good lunch and then head to wait. We went to Chuys and then got in line. This time, though, we were the very first ones in line vs. 7th in line on Friday. 

The waiting game begins again. We met the NICEST couple who were right behind us in line and became BFF's. 

Cole Swindell is one of Luke's besties. He was also the opening act with Dierks Bentley for the show on Saturday night. Around 3 PM on Saturday, Cole and Black Mike came back out the main doors like Kent and Black Mike had done on Friday. Cole is well known so of course every girl in line rushes to get a picture. You know, rushes around the very first person in line to get a picture. I think he saw me standing there because he looked over and I said "but I was first in line? :(" and he said "you sure were, let's get a picture." We do the standard nice to meet you, obsessed with your music (and face) small talk and take a selfie. A really cute selfie at that.

 Thanks Cole. Y'all go buy his music, too! 

Okay, 5:47 rolls around again and the heart rate is back up in the 200's. We make it passed all the security guards and make it to the front of the stage. Again, I know. My track record is 7 for 7. :)

Lauren had a meet and greet for Saturday night so I got the pleasure of pushing every little bizzle back for an hour waiting for her. Finally, she makes it back. So, now the fun begins.


Remember earlier in this novel of a post that boy named Dylan Scott? Well, what do you know. He TWEETS HE IS AT THE CONCERT. And I'm dying. Like, how much better can it get. A Luke Bryan concert w/ a possible Dylan Scott sighting. I'm done. Ahh. So, you know, you have exactly zero service in the arena, especially in a vicinity of easily 1,000 people around you. And, what do you know, he responds to this girl's tweets. Him and Jacob, his drummer. Jacob is my number one favorite drummer so there's that. Naturally, being the celebrities they are, Dylan and Jacob are in a suite. You know, a far off suite watching this magical show. He says he will meet me for a picture and I'm not real sure if that means now or later but I can't chance it so I leave to go find him. 

Yeah, know that lyric "I could be on the front row/of the best show/look down and see your face (aka tweets) on my phone/and I'm gone" from Crash My Party? Well, I did just that. I left front row and wiggled my way to find him. And guess what, Dylan and Jacob (and Josh) met me for a picture. Score. You know, this is why Dylan will be as big as Luke soon. Because he is nice and keeps his promises. And, like, duh, look at him. So, after exactly 5 failed attempts at a picture from what seemed like 8 different guys (the problem, a guy taking it), we settle for this one.


Left to Right: Josh, me, Dylan and Jacob :)

We make cute best friends, right?
So, then I have to weasel my way back to the stage for the "shake it for me" finale that Luke has every night. And, once I'm weaseled back in, some random guy is walking through our side of the pit. Except, he isn't a random guy. He's Dallas Davidson, one of the Peach Pickers (aka super famous song writer who has helped co-write over 40 number one hits!!!)

Selfie with Dallas? You KNOW I did.




And, then, it was all over. Ha. Luke literally hit his knees at the end of the concert on Saturday to say thank you. I swear, I felt like he said thank you to everyone in that arena. It was the best two nights ever!! I was so thankful to meet so many wonderful guys that can sing and look real good. :) I'll update with my meet and greet photo when it's published, but make SURE you follow me on Instagram so you can see the hips in real life video action. 

Happy Monday!! :)


  1. Goodness girl! You're like the ultimate country musician's BFF! Hahaha. I've loved reading these posts!! So happy for you! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. I love everything about this post. You have such a gift for writing. I feel like I was there just by reading this post!

  3. This is the most fun post I've ever read! I'm so happy for you! You are such good fan! I've seen so many stalker girls that know everything about Luke but you are such a respectful fan. Luke is lucky to have you on his side.

  4. I cannot believe that all of this happened to you. You are by far the luckiest and most deserving girl in the world. I am beyond ecstatic that all of this happened to you in one weekend. Brett is adorable, too! And I just googled Dylan Scott and ordered his EP. He is fantastic. Thanks for introducing us to him!

  5. I seriously HAVE to go to a concert with you, PRONTO! You rock, madam!