Thursday, November 28, 2013

be kind this year.

I love giving gifts. As much as I love getting them, I'd much rather GIVE gifts than get them. When I was a senior, we read the 5 Love Language book in Bible class and gifts was by FAR my number one love language. Whether you're my boyfriend or my sister or my cousin or dad, I tend to show my love through gifts. :)
For as long as I can remember, my parents are the most giving people I've ever met. My dad is a builder and he has built houses for Habitat for Humanity and other organizations like that. He will stop for ANYONE on the side of the road. He will always go without before anyone in my family does. He's literally the closest example to Jesus I've ever met. My mom has raised five kids and watches my niece now while my sister works. She's on every committee at church, she subs at school and she is just a giver. They both are. Time, money, and talents- they give.
I love that I've grown up with their example because it's instilled a love of giving to others in my own life now. I don't want to buy you a 60 inch TV because it's flashy, I would want to do it because I love you that much. Ha.
So, anyways, moving along... Last year, my sister, brother, bestie and myself dubbed one night "random acts of kindness" night. We made a list of 20 acts of kindness to do and did them all in one night. It was literally one of the best nights I've ever had. I've gained some momentum on social media since last December and a few weeks ago when I posted about the soldier I "adopted," I got an overwhelming amount of emails asking how people could get involved.
If you missed that convo on FB, let me catch you up. There is an organization called "Adopt a Soldier" where you sign up and are assigned a soldier. Then, you write to them and send them care packages. For security reasons, I can't say who or where he is stationed but his letters have far out blessed me compared to what I've written him. It's such a good feeling to send letters and cards and simple stuff like toothpaste to someone who is keeping our country free. So, again, it's FREE to sign up, you just have to spend on care packages BUT I promise it's worth every penny.
Adopting a soldier was number one on my acts of kindness list last year. I won't list all 20 unless someone needs ideas and wants me too but I'll list a few here. If you want, share on twitter or facebook or instagram some of your ideas and maybe we can rock this world with random acts of kindness.
Some of the acts on our list were:
-make cookies and take them to local fire departments (we took cookies to 5 local stations)
-make cookies and take them to local police station (we just went to 1) :)
-leave dollars taped to coke machines so people could enjoy a free drink on us
-went through several drive thru's to pay for the people behind us
-went to our childhood pastor's house and brought him and his wife thank you letters for all they did for us
-went to walmart and brought it all the random buggies
-took bags of donations to the thrift store
-bought gifts for a local charity and dropped them off
-wrote thank you notes to our parents for everything they've done for us
-collected can goods for a local homeless shelter
These are just ten small things we did. Some cost money but most did not. It doesn't take long to write someone important to you a thank you card. For all you know, it may be the only one they've ever received.
I like nice people. I like doing nice things. This world is SO busy and always in such a hurry that it's simple to overlook each other. I'm doing a Bible study right now that is teaching me to manage my time. My relationship with Jesus has to be in a good place for me to be able to witness to other people. It's important to be nice to people and for people to see Jesus in you. It's my honest prayer that my life ultimately points people to Jesus. There is SO many more things you could do for others that these may seem silly to you. And, that's okay. If I was a millionaire, I'd definitely donate money. But, I'm not, so, you know, I can donate cookies to local heroes. It's important for people to know that you're thankful for them. Big or small-every act of kindness makes a difference.
So, our 2nd annual acts of kindness night is December 14. I hope you and your friends will join in with us!! :) 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm pretty sure I signed up and sent one letter and forgot! Did you email me with the information or do I need to adopt a new soldier! I'm so mad at myself for this!