Wednesday, November 20, 2013

count it joy.

have you ever had a word or phrase that sticks in your mind for while and you have no explanation as to why?
enter the words -> trials, pressure, joy
I will never understand or question God's timing. If there is something I've learned since I became a Christian, it's that sometimes your only option is to choose joy. It's to choose to trust God through the pressures and through the trials.
I made a life altering decision this year when I decided I didn't want to finish nursing school. I'm a finisher. That's what I do. So, when I graduated from undergrad in May and decided to go to nursing school, I had to finish it.
enter the word -> trial
I literally hated every single minute of nursing school. It wasn't for me. I was trying to choose a career where I could help people but, with all respect, my mail man can be just as helpful as a nurse can be. It was a trial every single day to go to nursing school. I knew the day I started that it wasn't for me. But, I don't "quit." I don't really even consider "not finishing" nursing school "quitting." I went to nursing school to chase a dream. I'm still chasing my dream, it's just a different one.
There are so many different types of trials that I faced. One was temptation. The temptation of just finishing because "it was the right thing to do." It was an overwhelming temptation to me even though looking at the situation on paper, it doesn't look like one. The temptation of becoming angry because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do started to sink in, too.
Another trial that has slowed me down before is persecution. I never want to claim that I was "bullied" by anyone because the hurtful words never made me want to kill myself or hurt myself. The hurtful things people say about me or to me always has made me run after Jesus because I just learned from an early age that he is the one who comforts.
The thing that's going to always make me "different" or "weird" is that I'm a Christian. My eyes have his perspective so I will never understand a "worldly" perspective on things. People message me every.single.week and tell me that I'm stupid for being a virgin, too ugly to ever get married or dumb for thinking that you can have fun without alcohol or drugs.
enter the word -> pressure
My take on pressure is different, too. I never struggled a lot with peer pressure. I was always too cool doing my own thing to be influenced by others. But, God will allow us to go to "pressure" filled trials to produce joy. The pressure is created by God for you to HAVE to fully rely on him. It's not a trick or scam to get to you fail. It's designed by God to produce endurance and perseverance. I'm sure y'all have heard the pressure/diamond analogy. Right? The diamond has to endure extreme pressure to shine. That's what God is trying to do with you through your trials. He's trying to let you shine.
enter the word -> joy 
I am a happy person. I try to never cry in front of anyone because honestly, I don't really have a lot of reasons to cry. I DO have lots of reasons to be joyful and happy, so that's what I try to focus on. The trial of nursing school and people who don't understand my morals/values have lead me to a path to an AMAZING life waiting on me in Nashville and this blog. The pressure is continually making me a stronger person. And, well, the joy just makes life fun.
You can have victory over whatever your "trial" is, too. You don't have to struggle. The cool thing about God is that he is ALWAYS there and he's not going anywhere. Joy may not be the first reaction but it SHOULD be your end attitude. The trials in your life always has a result. God isn't like Ashton and he isn't going to "punk" you. Whatever you're going through, there's a purpose. People are looking at you to see how you handle it, too. The desire from God is for us to be so steadfast in our faith that nothing (boyfriends, mean words, rude people, etc) can take our joy.
Count is all as joy. (see james 1)
Happy Wednesday!! :)


  1. Just commented on your IG photo, but I wanted to read the full blog post. Excellent! And EXACTLY what I needed tonight. I am actually in nursing school and I'll be done December 2014. It's such a struggle everyday, financially, mentally and physically, but I love it and I just can't wait to start my career. Today was an especially hard day and your blog post was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!

  2. Hang in there, sweet friend! I've had an OFF week with being single and such and I am choosing to love where I am and be thankful for what I have! God has a beautiful plan for us!