Saturday, November 23, 2013

dylan scott: bastrop, la

Since dethroning Luke Bryan this afternoon on Twitter from "entertainer of country music," according to Katelyn, I've gotten exactly 26 messages from people on Twitter.
"say it isn't so"
"no wayyyy"
"I've never seen Dylan Scott but now I have to"
"omg, you traitor"
...I mean, I could literally post all 26 but I'll save you the drama for your momma.
let's get to the nitty gritty.
my friend hannah and I went to see Dylan Scott in Birmingham the first week of October. we loved his set and got to meet him and his super awesome drummer, jacob, after. he told us he was coming back in two weeks with a full band show, so, naturally, we went.
It was one of the best show I've ever seen in my life. keep in mind that's literally my side job these days-going to shows and reporting. I've been to 25 shows since June of this year alone. Dylan's full band was amazing. every single person smiled the whole time and you could just tell that they were living that dream. I feel like the crowd can sense that kind of passion and it just makes for a fun set.
Fast forward to the next week in Nashville and guess who this girl gets to run into? whoop whoop. Dylan. and Jacob. and Josh Kerr (aka guitar player, amazing song writer). cool, right? I mean, I'm at a Luke Bryan concert and there's more celebrities I get to see. it was a win win situation.
fast forward to two weeks ago. we see that Dylan's last full band show is in his hometown of Bastrop, LA on Friday, November 22.
SCORE. WE ARE GOING. Louisiana really isn't that far away. And, it's a great show guaranteed. There's one problem. Super star little brother is in the state playoffs. The only way we were going to be able to go was if my brother lost the play offs. And, as cruel as it sounds, I've never been more excited about an L for a team. That's so mean but he's only a sophomore, so there's still time to win that championship, bro.
So, since I've been assigned to some newer country acts lately, I BEG my boss to let me go for "work" to see Dylan. He agrees. My life is made!! So, Friday morning, Hannah and I are heading out to Louisiana. We pick up Kayla and Trish on the way. We met them on twitter through our mutual appreciation of Dylan. Shout out to Dylan because now I have two new cool friends.

Bastrop, Louisiana was exactly 375 miles away. We are booking it to get there by the time doors open because anything less than front row is not acceptable. I mean, right? Once you've been front row, you can't go back. The ride there was hilarious. Mississippi has some jacked up roads. And, even though I live in the country in the middle of no where, Bastrop is the smallest town I've ever seen. Especially in the pitch black dark and the rain. Whatevs.
We get there, get our tickets, and secure our front row spots. Whoop whoop.
Chancie Neal opened for Dylan. I've seen Chancie three times before so she was no stranger to me. She is also from the same area and she is an amazing singer. But, more so than that, the girl can writeeeee. Her lyrics were amazing. So, you should go meet Chancie here.
Moving on to the main event.
Like I mentioned earlier, I'm no stranger to sets and shows and seeing artists perform. Luke Bryan is an amazing artist at connecting with his audience but Dylan totally blew him away in that aspect.

Besides the 7 year old that was sitting on the speaker in front of me kicking me 75% of the concert, Dylan's concert last night was the best concert I've ever been to.

I LOVE when artists look like they're in their element and that was Dylan last night. He sang most of his songs, including my faves, "Passenger Seat," "Turn Rows," and "Lay it on Me." He also sang several covers of Luke Bryan and some rap songs. I've seen him twice with a full band and the second time topped the first performance by far. His band members are all so incredibly gifted and they're just as nice as they are talented. I wish I could link my Instagram videos to this post, too, because he did a "campfire set" for several songs that was incredible.
It was all of 45 degrees (if that) and half of the venue was opened to the outside so it was chilly. No fear, though. I mean, no worries for front row because when they started that bonfire, we all got a little cozy. Dylan sang "Grandaddy's Gun" as well as part of Keith Urban's "Cop Car." This is my favorite cover he's ever done. It's kind of neat when a cover is better than the original. Move over, Keith. :)
He sang other songs during the campfire set as well, but make sure you check out my IG for videos.

Dylan wasn't feeling 100% but if he hadn't said anything- I doubt anyone would have noticed. From his dancing to his singing to pouring bottles of water on his band and the crowd (think cold and wet...good one, Dylan), to the way he interacted with the audience and the band are the reasons Dylan has taken number one entertainer spot in my heart.
I've met lots of artists this year alone and I can say from experience, no one has seemed as grateful as Dylan. I mean, country singers are the nicest and most grateful people ever, but beyond nice and grateful, Dylan makes you feel like he's known you forever. It's so funny to me that someone who is a literal superstar (blue check on twitter and all) STILL takes so much time after his shows to talk and meet with everyone.

saying hey to our bestie
Jacob!! He's the best drummer ever. and he really likes bears.
Josh Kerr. he's writes the BEST songs!

He's so young (at 23) compared to most of the current guys in country music that I can't wait to see how big he gets in the next couple of years. I've literally never heard another voice that is as smooth as his and he could sing the ABC's and it would be my new favorite song.

His songs are packed with lyrics of back roads, shot gun seats and hunting. His band is full of energy. He connects with his audience and his fans like no other artist I've ever seen.

I can't wait for 2014 for more roadtrips to see him and the guys! If you don't know who he is, shame on you. :) Go check him out here for more information. Follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook! He has an EP at Walmart that you can get here.  Whatever way you connect, just make sure that you do. He's definitely an artist that you'll love and want to see succeed! :)


  1. such a great post! so happy you got to go!

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  3. As usual, your writing is so visual! I felt like I was at this concert!! You have a gift. It's good to see someone so young getting to do what they love. Keep up the good work! Going to check Dylan Scott out right now!

  4. I LOVE DYLAN SCOTT, all thanks to you!!

  5. Dylan Scott is a great singer! I want to see him live really soon! :)

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  7. Our Phi Mu chapter shared this post on our website today and oh wow, we are all new Dylan Scott fans!! :) Just by reading these other comments, it looks like Mr. Scott gained ALOT of new fans! Great writing, you have a natural ability to write!

  8. I can't believe this post! I was at this concert!!! You're my favorite blogger and Dylan is my favorite singer. So happy to see you writing about him. PS-I'm your number one twitter fan!

  9. I absolutely HATE country music- or at least I use to. I never thought any of the artists had a good voice until you posted this. I'm Dylan's newest fan thanks to you! Went to walmart after reading this and found his EP, too!

  10. Hello,

    I live in China and I came across your blog in music class on Monday. We very big fans of Dylan Scott now. Our music class hopes that Dylan come to China one day and sing these songs. We like country music in our part of China and we are newest fans.

    Thank you,

    Maria Nguyen

  11. I love dylan scott!! i've been a fan for a few months now and it's nice to see such a great article about him!

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  13. His voice is so good! I never heard of Dylan Scott before this review! This article is floating around the internet. I live in Washington and will have to watch for when he will be up this way. Looking forward to see how big he gets.

  14. Okay, so I'm not sure how this article is being shared again and again but I got here through a friend of a friend through FB. I lived in Louisiana until I graduated college and now I live in Paris with my husband. It's so refreshing and neat to see a hometown boy making it big in country music. Hopefully Dylan Scott will be able to go on tour around the world and make a stop in Paris. We would love to see him!